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  1. It changed with a system upgrade. I think due to some spammers. You need to reach a certain number of posts to make sure you're an actual user...
  2. My wife forces me to take one. Apparently it makes me a lot more tolerable.
  3. Wait... so... what I'm getting out of this thread is that Rob doesn't pay his employees enough money to buy shoes... ? I don't want to know what you all have to give up to afford underwear...
  4. Last time I tried this, she slapped me. I really don't want to end up on the couch... so I'll see what you guys come up with...
  5. Enjoy the break Trevor. I can only imagine that this site is a full-time job in itself. I know lots of us out here use it all the time. Thanks for what you've done in the past. It's been greatly appreciated.
  6. Great. I was about to go to bed... but now I'm hungry... Sigh... and now I'll probably have to buy a box of Genios...
  7. One of my favorites. Fun to share with friends too. When they announced they were being discontinued, I bought four boxes.
  8. Dude. That's terrible news. But, can't blame Trevor. It has to be a ton of work. All I can say is thanks Trevor. I love your site. There's nothing like it. Hands down one of my favorite resources on the net. Right up there with Google and Wikipedia.
  9. While the Coloniales is an OK cigar, Siglo II is my all-time favorite PC. I always have more than a box on hand. (When I a down to my last box, I order another before cracking it open...) If you check out all the cigar review contest reviews from the other week, you'll find that there was a large number of SII reviews. (I would have posted mine if time didn't run out...)
  10. I second the tupperware suggestion. I have a large tupperware box for my boxes, and then a few humidors. For my cheap humis, one leaks moisture fast, so I have to constantly monitor it. The other only needs to be checked/touched every two months(ish). It really depends on how well the cheap humi is made. No matter what you use, get some digital hygrometers and calibrate them a few times a year.
  11. TankerT

    The Avengers

    Definitely a comic book / action movie. WAY better than all of the other movies leading up to it. If you are into either comic book or action movies, this is a must see. Don't expect a lot of character development or an in-depth plot. It is just pure entertainment from start to finish. (And, when I say finish... if you are familiar with Marvel movies... you know... you need to sit all the way through the credits...) I don't want to write too much about the movie... as... well... might give something away. (I'm good at doing that...) But, I go to maybe 2 or 3 movies a year... and this was definitely one I would go see again on the big screen... just for the fun of it...
  12. Here's my review for stick #3. Plugged. Even the pre-light was like trying to suck a penny through a mattress. Lit it up, hoping... but... drawing was too hard. Couldn't get much smoke at all. Sigh. But, that does happen with cigars. All part of the experience. I wasn't in the running to win, so I'm not upset. It's just how the cookie crumbles. Humidity was 64% on both of my hygrometers. So, that wasn't the issue. Probably a bad day for roller #342 at the factory.
  13. You folks really, really need to fly brazoseagle to do your next BBQ. I'm sure he'd work for cigars...
  14. How many days... well... if you must know... HEY... look... isn't that a squirrel over there?
  15. OK. So, some time back, I won the LFTH draw for a ladies Oris watch. Mind you, I'm married to an accountant. So, you can probably figure how any purchases over a dollar go over... needless to say... the box of cigars that were tied to winning this watch got me a free pass... on that box... and a few others... But... I wanted to post a follow up for a few reasons. 1- Seriously, if you're in the market for a fine watch, you really should consider an Oris. I'm not in the know when it comes to watches. But, I have several family members that are. (Did you know they even have watch magazines? Crazy eh?) They all say that Oris is a great watch. And, well... it sure looks like it. 2- Speaking of looks like it... the watch definitely looks like "class"... period. 3- It has a nice weight and feel to it as well... and... the movement is nice and smooth. In all honesty... as you may have figured out... I don't wear the watch... not being a lady and all. But, I must say... my wife LOVES it. Needless to say... I'm hoping to be in the market for a watch of this caliber in the near future. You can bet that while I'll be looking around at the different models... my first contact to get pricing will be Rob and company. Lets face it... how can you go wrong with good pricing and the great level of customer service we already enjoy from the Czar?

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