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  1. 40 years old, It doesnt need much suprisingly. Would like to upgrade her look a bit. For now she'll be a put put around town truck where i can enjoy my cigars.
  2. I think i personally wiped out all the loosies prez had on hand as i was late to getting a full box... lol
  3. Dang! Talk about a overreaching government!!?? Let the people live for Christ's sake!
  4. I had surgery for ruptured bicep tendon been home watching the entire 7 seasons of Game of Thrones. Took two tries to get into it but man what an awesome series!
  5. Please pray for Richard Overton- he is hospitalized with phenuoma.
  6. Diplomatico #4 OPM ENE 09 Construction- good Pre-light aroma leather Pre-light draw perfect 1st and 2nd third thick silky smoke that rolled off the tongue. Grassy, barnyard through and through. Last 3rd hints of cocoa and coffee. No burn issues throughout. Enjoyed this one as I only have 3 left now.. Time 52 minutes
  7. Hoyo Epicure #2 First ever epi 2 I have smoked. Enjoyed with my morning coffee. 1st 3rd Mild cigar right from the start. Vegetal taste immediate from the get go. 2nd 3rd Really digging the characteristics of the epi 2. Floral notes in and out. Not showing any signs of its young age. ('16) Fully enjoying. Last didn't want cigar to end was enjoying greatly. Still mild all the way through. Had maybe 3 drags of bitterness toward the end but it surprisingly cleared itself and was back to heavenly mildness. Will definitely be stocking up on some of these in the future. 51 minutes
  8. Happy Independence Day my American brothers and sisters.

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