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  1. The Party Shorts are GREAT, it's a full flavor cigar in a short stick. But they need to be at least 3 years old to get that full potential!!! I got two 50 cab home, one from oct 2007 and one nov 2009. I compare them and there is a big difference between both.
  2. I got a Nespresso Romeo E350, I can make lattes, cap etc... My favorite coffee for latte and cap: - Arppegio; - Roma. For a good espresso I like: - Capriccio; - Volluto; - Indriya. You can also look on the website, they give a good info about the different coffee. Enjoy it with a good cigar!!!
  3. Try to eat some peanut butter and drink some espresso, it works for me!!!
  4. The problem with the Shorts is that they need at least 2 years of aging to be good...The best Shorts I had was from Nov 06, Great smoke!!!
  5. If you like strong cigars, the Short is the one. They are my favorite small cigar, with a cortado or port
  6. About 2 years if I don't change my habits and 4 to 5 if I slow down....
  7. gerem

    Bacon Explosion

    That's amazing!!!! I need to try that!!!! Thanks for sharing.
  8. I got a Siglo desktop humidor (100ct), you can have it in many different colors and they all are very vibrant!!! It's also a piano finish, so it look very stunning on a coffee table or office. Enjoy.
  9. I also got a Nespresso machine (ROMEO), I like the simplicity and the range of coffee. It's a matter of taste...
  10. Yep the prices are high...The good thing is we are living only 4 hours away from Cuba, so you can stack up at a low price. I went to Cuba for new year eve with all my familly and I came back with around 500 CC ;) ;)
  11. There is a lot of places to buy and enjoy cigars in MTL: - La casa del habanos (1434 Sherbrooke Street West) - Stogies cigar lounge (2015 Crescent Street), I was there last night with my boys and we had a great time. - Rib'N Reef (8105 boulevard Decarie), I heard a lot of good things about that place. It's a steakhouse and cigar lounge, I will try it for my next boys night out. Have a great time in MTL!!!!
  12. Hey guys, If you buy a thermoelectric wine cooler, you don't have to worry. You'll have to had enough humidity beads and everything will be fine. I add a pound of beads in mine and I don't have any problem. If you don't have enough boxes the humidity can drop, so add some empty boxes. It's the best option if you don't want to invest too much.
  13. I got 2 babies: Breitling Super Avenger and Panerai PAM104 I want to buy a Bell and Ross, will see when....

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