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  1. The Party Shorts are GREAT, it's a full flavor cigar in a short stick. But they need to be at least 3 years old to get that full potential!!! I got two 50 cab home, one from oct 2007 and one nov 2009. I compare them and there is a big difference between both.
  2. I got a Nespresso Romeo E350, I can make lattes, cap etc... My favorite coffee for latte and cap: - Arppegio; - Roma. For a good espresso I like: - Capriccio; - Volluto; - Indriya. You can also look on the website, they give a good info about the different coffee. Enjoy it with a good cigar!!!
  3. Try to eat some peanut butter and drink some espresso, it works for me!!!
  4. The problem with the Shorts is that they need at least 2 years of aging to be good...The best Shorts I had was from Nov 06, Great smoke!!!
  5. If you like strong cigars, the Short is the one. They are my favorite small cigar, with a cortado or port
  6. About 2 years if I don't change my habits and 4 to 5 if I slow down....

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