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  1. I've noticed that if these are plugged and you perfecdraw it - you create a direct tunnel hole & it burns way too hot like smoking charcoal
  2. in my early days one of my first splurges was for 2 X 50 cabs ... ca. 2004 those things were unsmokable for years! + just taking up tons of space in my coolerador
  3. sometimes darker wrappers need more aging sometimes really light wrappers taste like poison let's see.... what else do i know after 18 yrs of smoking one habano a day? not much more
  4. the 2019-2021 stock (esp. Monte #2) has been so good that I've thrown most of the tried and true rules out the window If something is smoking good I smoke them all (like a drunken sailor)... maybe leaving 1-2 that i tuck away in deep storage at the bottom of the cooler everything in moderation, including moderation
  5. I concur with FatPete: dark wrappers on the Monte 2 require more aging
  6. got 15 or so 2016 Punch Punch wasting space in one of my coolers - every time i see them i go 😝
  7. just saw this one up on BR: https://www.bondroberts.com/product/view/5408/Romeo y Julieta Robustos and it reminded of a happy incident ca. 2003-2005: a friend who went to school in Germany came back with 10-12 of these, so we had a bunch of fellows over my place to celebrate his return I lit mine well ahead of everyone else (greedy guy) and was comatose before I reached the halfway mark The 8 or so other guys all lit theirs and were laughing at me curled in the fetal position on the floor, moaning about 30 mins later I come out my coma & see they're all sprawled on the floor in my living room, comatose & moaning, so I collect all their smokes & while they were out I smoked prolly half of them! i wonder how strong they are now? at the time they were one of the best tasting smokes I had ever had
  8. whoever tipped me off on the 2020 monte #2's ... THANK YOU
  9. I think the monte C has the dubious distinction of being the first bad EL ... i had just started smoking habanos and bought 3-4 boxes of EL releases from 2003-04 and I got a box of these with high hopes 😒 btw - i looked & couldn't find Ravi's BR listing - what did it sell for>?
  10. i wish they would do a line expansion on the RyJ Petit Royales Wide Petit Royale. Short Petit Royale, the Tres Petit Royale 🤔

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