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  1. Well said, Gary, I can only confirm this. Nowadays beer selection in the US is better than excellent with so many great small beers to choose from. First class brewers, great dedication to the craft and fine beers. I wish we had some of the selection I found at places like "Flying Saucer" in Dallas, TX here in Europe - and I was even able to enjoy a cigar while sampling fine brews like Flying Dog in Heat Wheat from Denver, CO, very tasty. And from Austin, TX a well made Live Oak Pilz, among many others, those stood out. Some pics of their beer selection So no longer the old, tired joke about there being no difference between US beer and making love in a canoe - both f....g close to water. Those days are long gone....and sometimes apply more to the beer selection in pubs here in the continent. Nino
  2. I can confirm that there are still Maestros around :-)) no problem finding them
  3. Hi there, you are going to a historically very interesting and beautiful city ! I was there last autumm visiting it yet again and loved it, will return this year. As for cigar shops : no worries, there are "Estancos", as the tobacco shops are called in Spain everywhere, there you get mostly cigarettes but ask around for one that has a larger selection of "puros" ( cigars ) or better yet, a "Cava de Puros", that is an Estanco with a walk in humidor. People are helpful, they'll inform you where to go. Be advised that most cigar Estancos will not open boxes for selection and be careful with storage conditions. Prices are government fixed, so they all cost the same in any shop. Cigars in Spain are readily available, even in Bars or restaurants and smoking is generally no problem. Enjoy your stay ! Nino
  4. Not "enjoy" - rather - different thingy Dont' put fake croissants in my mouth. And Yes, I'd rather have Thailand
  5. Quite an arrogant opinion you are implying, which is why I rather fly Ryanair over that expensive seedy "shithole" planet of yours than drive the autoroute southbound. Comparing fresh mangos with rotten cheese -
  6. well, you just described developments in Venezuela and what Chavez is all about quite well ..........
  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures, you have met one of the best ( if not the best ) cuban cigar roller.
  8. Same here, what a shame, custom sticks are the main attraction of my trips as well .................
  9. Hey Dave, my pleasure !! Very happy you like them and I most certainly would NOT like to beat the Prez on this, no Sire !! He is most certainly still in the air - hell, I arrived only yesterday myself and Jimmy only landed some 4 hrs ago in Singapore .... I have only met Rob for the first time in Havana and we shared some very first class quality cigar time, so please let me say a big thank you to Rob and his friends for a great time at the Nacional terrace and elsewhere - it made more than a good roller lose some sleep . Rob, muchas gracias por haberte conocido y muchas gracias por tu amabilidad conmigo - hasta la proxima en La Habana !! Regards Nino
  10. OK, no problem, I have closed down the galleries on Jimmy's treasures ............... Seriously, I am updating the galleries and they will be open again in a few days. Best regards Nino
  11. Hi, to all of you : Thank you for the kind words about my site - it my pleasure to share my flights, travels and experiences in the world of cigars with you ! Anytime you happen to be in central Germany and we have a "pharmacy smoke" going ... well, drop by, we welcome cigar smokers here ! Regards Nino
  12. Hey Dmitrii, nice to meet you here. Thanks for the link - spassiba ! @ Vetteman : Yes, I remember enjoying a PSD #4 with you guys back in December 2006 in the lounge at Holts on Walnut St in Philly, truly appreciated your hospitality, as I was just passing through and you guys made me feel at home - a pleasure to meet you here as well. Nino
  13. Before going to bed - big thank you to all who participated ! Here's my picture. I smoked a Dom Perignon from mid '80s - it was perfect ! Nino
  14. » Hi guys! I'm really far from politic, just enjoin' good cigars.... And I » think nobody will suspect Russians of liking to the American Presidents? » Aren't you? :-D We have gathered today to participate in this action and » have smoked fine cigars in support of the elected President. Rick in » Texas, Guy in France, Nino in Germany and Dmitrii in Russia have smoked » our cigars for Obama won! Thx for all replay! Best regards! Hey Dmitrii !! pleasure to meet you here ! Big Spasiba for your support, look forward to see the picture - Doswidanya (??) Aufwiedersehen und Danke :-) Nino
  15. » Hey Nino...welcome aboard :-) » There has been a growing anti American feeling worldwide for much of this » decade. I find much of it distastefull, ignorant, diatribe from people who » have spent no or little time in the US and if they have it has been to » visit Vegas, LA or Manhattan. No concept of the enormity of the breadth of » US life and belief. » » I have taken so much pleasure this week on the deck spending time with » friends pointing out that the election of a black man could never happen » at this point in time in Australia. I will throw in much of Europe as » well. » » In one convincing swoop the US has challenged the rest of the world's » thought processes. It has chalenged many pre conceived ideas of the US which have been fed internationally by their domestic media dominated by left wing liberals. » » This is what I will celebrate. My sheer joy of not the defeat of » McCain, but the defeat of anti US ignorance and anti US propoganda. Hello Presidente, Sir Rob, thank you very much for welcoming me to your palace ! My compliments for expressing your thoughts. You have put into words what I also think and share.. It is exactly this "re-invention" of the USA that has brought back admiration and hope for many. The idea that all is possible. No way a black/immigrant person would get anywhere in Europe. So, yes, you are right, my friends and I are celebrating the chance of a new image for a great country. Thank you again Rob, and my best regards Nino
  16. » » I am 55 yrs. old and remember clearly the hope and admiration that was » the » » trade mark of the USA worldwide during the early 60's. » » My wish is for that hope and admiration to come back with this » President. » » I suppose there is some comfort in knowing we have the support of our » French and German brethens in this new one world order. » » Particulary that at 7-10 years old one recognizes with clarity the beacon » of light the USA shed abroad! Well, it helps to have had the russians 100 km away from home, see them building a wall, see your parents worried and know that the US tanks were keeping the bad guys away. My generation grew up on yanks and rock & roll - and Elvis was based a few miles from where I live today :-)
  17. » Nino, » » Thanks for the note. I agree with you 100% about the historic nature of » our presidential elections, particularly this election on both sides. » » Cheers! » » Chris Chris, thank you very much for your kind note ! Have a great week end ! Regards from Germany Nino
  18. » I hope you can see how this thread could be regarded, at best, as rubbing » salt in the wounds, at » worst, divisive and a slap in the face to members who do not share your » joy in the outcome of » the election. » » Frankly, given our host's ban on political threads he himself has not » started (and no matter the spin, » this is a political thread), I'm surprised and a little disappointed this » one has been allowed to » continue here. Hello Colt 45, please read my post, I state clearly that it is NOT a political statement, that I would have done the same for McCain and that I am happy that the US has a President elect that brings hope and admiration back to the view the world has of the US. No rubbing salt intended, no divisiveness intended, no discussions intended, all in a good spirit to celebrate an event and share a cigar - nothing more. Regards Nino
  19. » Would you be doing the same had McCain been elected? » » Somehow, I don't think so. It surprises me that so many of our members » are such fans of Obama. It wasn't McCain's party that implemented » city-wide, then state-wide smoking bans. And Obama wants confiscatory tax » rates. But, we'll have to wait and see what he actually implements versus » the campaign rhetoric. Hello havanaclub7, I've just come across this thread and have registered here to give you an answer to your question in what regards my motives for the projected smoke on Sunday and wether I would be doing the same for McCain. Here is a text I posted today in another board on this subject. I hope it answers your question. Best Regards Nino / Flying Cigar Hi, We, a Texan, a French and myself, developed this idea privately for fun ... and guess what : We had fun. So much fun, that we thought we might do it globally and have even more fun ! So we made the decision late yesterday and have worked on this across the continents, putting up the mail address and setting all up. We want to have cigar smokers worldwide to smoke a cigar this Sunday at 1900hrs GMT, 2000 hrs Central Europe, 2 pm East Coast, 11 am West Coast, 0300 hrs Beijing/HKG/SIN) and send a picture. By now we have Germany, France, the US ( it will be mentioned on Bob McDuffee's show radio " DOG WATCH CIGAR RADIO " ) it has been posted on Cigar Aficionado, Gino was kind enough to post it in Italy (Grazie !), we have Switzerland and who knows what other parts of this smoking earth by now ... See this link : 900.php But let me state clearly what this is not - it is NOT a political statement, it is just a celebration of an historical event that has been greeted by many people around the world. I am 55 yrs. old and remember clearly the hope and admiration that was the trade mark of the USA worldwide during the early 60's. My wish is for that hope and admiration to come back with this President. But let me state that I have the utmost respect for John McCain and his personal views - many of my US friends voted for him. Had he won the race, had we had this crazy idea as well, I would have been equally honoured to have smoked a cigar in celebration of his Presidency. Regards Nino
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