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  1. » » Great review, Chuck. » » I'm going to give mine a bit longer before smoking another. Not quite » there for me yet. I agree. If they are good now, think how they will be in another 4-5 years. Oh mama...
  2. I'm partial to Glenlivet 18 and Johnny Waker Black Label. I also really enjoy bourbon with my cigars. You just can't beat Buffalo Trace for the price.:-)
  3. » These are the most inconsistent habano I've so far tried. Not worth it, » IMHO. You're joking, right? Never had a bad one myself.
  4. » Definitely the new Partagas Serie P2....I've only smoked from SVF box codes » and all have been fabulous! I can't complain :-D These are smoking fantastic OTT. Can't wait to see how they age. :-D
  5. Here is a good reference site for home poker tournys: They have downloadable blind schedules, etc. Pretty informative.
  6. Usually about 30-40 minutes for a PC. A Monte #2 takes about 60-75 minutes for me

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