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  1. Beautiful fish and great idea! Coming from someone who tends to spend half the fishing season with waders full of water, there may be a market for an extended cigarmband (XR) with a 4' arm for those of us butter footed individuals that have an affinity for snotty, slick rocks and not enough cleats who cant keep cigars dry to save their lives. Haha Seriously though, I really like the thought of this. Great design!
  2. Beautiful humidor! The way things are going I may be looking for a bit bigger humidor sooner rather than later. Turns out I have been following Charles for some time now. Prices do seem attractive. Construction looks immaculate. Will definitely be considering one for my next. Thank you for sharing! Cheers, Drew
  3. They'll put some hair on your chest for sure! I also really enjoyed these. Had one of their White Russians after work. Cutwater seems to be producing some decent canned cocktails. I cant say they replace the real thing but sure are convenient. Cheers!
  4. Hello there! My name is Drew. I am pretty new to the forum. I have lurked in the background on and off for a bit, but decided I might as well jump in. Newer to cuban cigars in the last 2-3 years, so building up the humidor slowly but surely. Dabbled in new world stuff on and off for the last 10 or so years. Looking forward to some great discussion and learning from you all. All the best, Drew

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