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  1. I second the Ramon Allones Superiores.... Can't have enough boxes of those, wish they came in cab of 25 or 50.
  2. Aye man I hope the third time really is a charm lol, I only took 3 out to smoke. One a few weeks ago, the one I did the review on, and one sitting in my desk top waiting to be smoked. Hopefully that’s the winner lol… we’ll see. Thanks.
  3. This will be my quick, short, and honest review of the Partagas Serie E No. 2 Cigar. Just like the last one I smoked unfortunately this one was nothing to write home about either. From cold draw all the way through the final third I got nothing but cedar, wood, slight spice, and dry spices. Had to retouch the burn line a couple times as well which was a common theme with the last one too. I keep them at 62%-65% and temp fluctuates between 60-68 but usually a steady mid 60s. I have a box of D4s that I’m sure will be astonishing but as these Es go, I’m not feeling them like that… as of now of course.
  4. Ok well thanks for the info. Definitely going to age the box I have left then!! As far as aging premium Fuentes I agree, Casa Cuba's and especially Don Carlos are in a league of their own when aged... Man I love cigars smh...
  5. Literally every single time… That’s one of the things I love. It’s that whenever I don’t feel like smoking a Cuban for whatever the reason, I know without a doubt that I have heavy hitting Nicaragua’s and/or Dominicans that deliver every single time! Agreed!
  6. Recently I’ve only been smoking on the weekends. Yesterday was a Padron Anniversary 1964. This morning was a Ramon Allones Superior with some good age on her. But for some reason I chose to review what I smoked this afternoon which was the hard to find Arturo Fuente Anejo 46. Easier to catch a cold than it is to catch this cigar!! Cold draw was as if I literally stuck my entire head into a 100 year old cask whiskey barrel. Overwhelmingly strong tastes of whisky on the cold draw, it was one if not THE best cold draws I’ve ever had. Upon lighting the initial first few draws were of spices, light pepper, and a good whisky/bourbon on top. This was pretty much prevalent through the first third of the cigar. I also noticed this cigar burnt relatively slow, which I’m not complaining about at all! Second third had great honey type notes to it which caught me off guard. This is one of the reasons I love cigars, you never know what you’re going to get despite what you “expect” going into whatever cigar you smoke at that moment. Accompanying to honey type notes were notes of syrup as well. Good ole table top pancake/waffle syrup was definitely noticeable also throughout the second third. Getting into the final third was some leather notes that weren’t bad but what over powered those notes were the whisky notes again! They came back for a final dance, and that we did lol. Whisky and pepper were what finished out the cigar. This Arturo Fuente Anejo was pure Fuego!! Straight 🔥! I’ve had the Anejo 55 a few times before and they weren’t nowhere near as good as this Vitola. Given the fact that this cigar didn’t burn nowhere near as perfect as the Padron 1964, I’d have to rate it a….. 95/100. Other than the burn, everything else was what I was hoping for, and then some!! Oops, almost forgot to mention that this cigar was paired with a Coke.. and a smile 😊.
  7. No kidding, I used to live in Orange County (Newport Beach) and the weather there is flawless all year round. Miss it!! Would be glad to send you some rain and snow your way, I’ll even overnight it!!
  8. Lmao well for starters I’m waiting for the damn weather to break!!! 🥶
  9. Thanks william, and yes my storage for these bad boys is good to go and awaiting their arrival!!
  10. Hey ladies and gentlemen, I'm new to the group. Question/advice, I have a box of RASS and Monte 2s on the way. As well as Trini Vigias, Monte 5s, and Partagas Serie E no2. Already have some epicure no2s that's over 11 years old and QD 50s. I've yet to smoke any of these yet. So, if you all wouldn't mind please tell me what I'm in for!! Thanks in advance.

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