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  1. Get your Google translate out because it's "en français dans le texte", this might be coming in Caaanada. Wonder about the font choice and size for every Vitolas, makes all the difference imo. https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2022/06/10/le-canada-propose-dapposer-des-avertissements-sanitaires-sur-chaque-cigarette-1
  2. Grabbed couple of l'Époque ERDM today. The only 2 boxes of CCs they had in the shop... And now they're gone... 😬
  3. Thanks for the tip, I'll grab a bag and see how it goes!!
  4. Nice chit chat with one of my fav BM in Spain today. She goes like "I heard some prices will change soon, did you know? Anyway, prices are sent to us every saturday by BOE". 💬 👀 Two weeks ago she had no idea.
  5. Punta for a hot day. Impressed by a MC1 yesterday, chocolate notes were outrageous. Have a great weekend!
  6. A classic for a hot day. Have a nice weekend y'all!
  7. Thanks for the tip! Basically paid just south of that for 1/2 box of Connie B... I'll try the #1 for sure. Cheers
  8. Gave a first go at Connie B today, had nice expectations for this beautiful vitola, shiny wrapper, great smell. Came from half a box (LTO OCT 20) I grabbed at a BM back in Nov 21, freshly opened then, so I figured I'd give it a try. Opened on promising pastry notes, then herbaceous into hay to basically smoking hot air, "wait wait let's go back to the cake part" I thought. Great construction, cigar was supple conserved at 65/65, smoked a tad fast, I usually get 90min out of similar vitolas, went in 75 min at usual pace. Disappointing overall, hope the rest of the box is better, could turn into expensive fire-starters otherwise 😅. I was expecting a good smoke since HU is in my wheelhouse... To be continued. Cheers folks

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