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  1. Little bit of an update. I couldn’t help myself and decided to go for a second dip with the May 21 RASS. This time I dry boxed for a day (I keep my humidors at 65rh and 69 degrees). And paired it with a rum casked Bourbon from Doc Swinson. Same pepper, espresso and sweetness from the wrapper, but the smoke output and the burn consistency after the dry box is amazing. 100% perfect. It also helped the espresso last into a nice long finish. okay… now I’ll quit smoking them and check in again around Christmas😉
  2. Certainly 20 and 21 Cubans seem to be smoking very well. At least that’s popular opinion. With this in mind I popped open my box of MAY 21 RASS that were so fresh I swear the glue is still drying on the cigar bands😉 Anyway I’m a huge fan of robustos. My favorites are the HdM Epi 2 and the Bolivar Royal Corona. I tend to enjoy cream pepper and Leather notes with a hint of sweetness from the wrapper. With that said, the specially selected I have had in the past have always hit me as a bit on the bitter side with heavy notes of charred wood, so I went into this review with that thought in my head and did something a little different. I decided to pair this with a cappuccino. This could have influenced my experience with the May 21 RASS, but wow was it enjoyable! First of all the wrapper on these are awesome with a texture of smooth very fine sand paper and minimal veins. The first and second third were pure coarse black pepper and espresso with a hint of sweet cream. The last third transitioned to the typical charred wood with a hint of clove. I can only imagine this will calm down with some age on these very young sticks, I’m excited to test them again in about 6 months and see how they’ve transformed. For the rating I’ll go with an 88, as I can see their potential with some age. But overall a very good smoke, with some coffee, that I highly recommend
  3. Very happy with my LAT DIC 17 box. I’d love to buy another at the right price.

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