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  1. I have a few different vintages of this one. One of the batches I have in the box has a much darker wrapper than I’m used from this vitola. And that’s what I’m reviewing here. 

    This is a refined light to medium bodied cigar with tons of smoke output. One of the best, most consistent Robustos you can buy. The wrapper on this is a medium milk chocolate mottled wrapper. Smooth and slightly oily. Rich sweet hay and barnyard on the nose before toasting. 

    The predominant flavors are rich black tea with a touch of cream evolving slightly into a walnut with a hint of black pepper. Awesome Robusto. easily a 92. 






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  2. Change of seasons is upon us. I put a hygrometer in my dry box and it virtually matches my humidor. 😂

    My ambient room temp and humidity is apparently perfect for Cubans. My entire house is now a walk in humidor. I can’t wait to let my wife know I now have storage for about 10 million sticks. Cheers!


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  3. 3 hours ago, therealrsr said:

    I noticed the flaviar blind kit.  What's your opinion?  Mixed on the kits, but being able to find very reasonable buffalo trace anytime has me a regular.

    My wife bought me the Flaviar membership as a birthday gift last year. I love it. To me the tasters are a fun opportunity to try things I wouldn’t normally buy. I drink a lot of tequila, rye, and bourbon, so I’ll get the cognac, vodka, and other whisky samplers. 

    Plus, like you mention I can order stuff like Buffalo Trace and Sazerac Rye directly to my door with free shipping. No brainer. 

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  4. 13 hours ago, RDB said:

    Great code for Lusis, and yes the hype is well deserved. My theory is that everyone rolling these knows they mostly get smoked by people who really like cigars. Oh and also, Partagas doesn't dilute the brand with too many 'premium' offerings. So your Lusis and E2s are pretty much the top of the pile (and the D4s and Shorts can be spectacular too).

    Well said. Cuban double coronas rarely disappoint me. That reminds me. I need to start hunting down a box of HdM. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them. 

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