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  1. I have a few different vintages of this one. One of the batches I have in the box has a much darker wrapper than I’m used from this vitola. And that’s what I’m reviewing here. This is a refined light to medium bodied cigar with tons of smoke output. One of the best, most consistent Robustos you can buy. The wrapper on this is a medium milk chocolate mottled wrapper. Smooth and slightly oily. Rich sweet hay and barnyard on the nose before toasting. The predominant flavors are rich black tea with a touch of cream evolving slightly into a walnut with a hint of black pepper. Awesome Robusto. easily a 92.
  2. Change of seasons is upon us. I put a hygrometer in my dry box and it virtually matches my humidor. 😂 My ambient room temp and humidity is apparently perfect for Cubans. My entire house is now a walk in humidor. I can’t wait to let my wife know I now have storage for about 10 million sticks. Cheers!
  3. This was my first one. I’m a huge Bolivar fan so I don’t know what took me so long. Great smoke!
  4. Keep watching 24:24 or if you don’t mind paying a big premium try Bellhopcigars
  5. Need to change my vote. I’m smoking a 9/10 D4 right now and I don’t know what I’d do without it😂
  6. Had an amazing night with the family heading into a crushing week at work. I’ll be in meetings with the land of Oz from the east coast of the US every night this week😅. I decided I’d take a time out to celebrate an amazing weekend of football and Halloween (the Spartans are 8-0!). This TUA JAN 20 Libertador is every bit of a Bolivar with big bold leather and a hint of cinnamon and clove. Paired it up with one of my favorite bourbons. Fantastic evening…. I hope yours was as well! Cheers!
  7. Great pumpkins sir. And a great choice on the Bolivar! That was my choice this evening as well. Happy Halloween 🎃!
  8. I have promised myself to keep it under 400. I’ll let you know how it goes. I may be fighting a losing battle. 😂
  9. Prior to 24:24 usually kept around 100 cigars in my humidor… today I’m over 200 and I still have another 25 PSP SD4s coming Wednesday. I must reevaluate my storage situation😀 Long story short, I’ve never had so many great cigars I’m excited about enjoying. So it’s a small trade off.
  10. I’ve never had 3 separate orders show up on one day. The global supply chain backup is apparently real. Good thing I was working in the garage when the mail truck pulled into the driveway, avoiding some unnecessary raised eyebrows from my bride. This is my holiday stock up. Some for aging and some for holiday enjoyment. So, I’m sitting at the bar playing with my new toys, watching Saints sneak this away from the Seahawks and I pull out a Hoyo de Rio Seco… Dear Lord… I just realized in all my years of cigar smoking I’ve never purchased a 56 cigar. THIS THING IS HUGE. I wish they’d take all that fine wrapper and make some more double Coronas! Anyway, I’m clearly a fan of the 24:24 format. Great place you’ve got here:)
  11. An awesome Saturday night by the fire. Fall in the southeast US brings perfect temperatures.

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