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  1. I love em. I must have a great box because they are perfection. Perfect burn and draw. Yes the size isnt my go to but I smoke them when the timing is right. I call them my “lil flavor boms.” After reading these comments I consider myself very lucky. 

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  2. 10 hours ago, Carrie Nation said:

    If you prefer Cuban tobacco over tobacco from other countries, then that’s fine. Nothing wrong with that. But if you think Cuban cigars are inherently superior just because they’re Cuban, then you’ve become a partisan jerkoff about your smoking. 

    Nica, DR and Hond. all produce distinctly unique tobacco of very high quality. Some may be to your taste, some may not. But any attitude of absolute superiority is for people who are not particularly educated or experienced. 

    And yes, most of the producers in Bordeaux completely sneer at California cabs with great disdain and regard Napa’s high fruit extraction and heavy oaking as the mark of winemaking for an unsophisticated American palate. But remember that Bordeaux producers also tear each other down as well…incessantly. A sad byproduct of being in such a highly competitive market. 

    Re: the OP thinking that he was in the Twilight Zone. There’s something that you’re forgetting: This forum is a hive, as are most niche forums (that still remain). That’s part of the reason why you’re here. Not for dissent, but for the safety of confirmation by like-minded people. It’s good to leave the bubble from time to time. Your home is someone else’s Bizzaro World.

    Twilight zone meaning all the hatred for CC’s. Personal choice is personal. I smoke some great NC’s but prefer Cubans. 


    9 hours ago, El Presidente said:

    I smoke CC and NC cigars 

    I make or have made  CC and NC cigars 

    I love good/great cigars. Where they come from is not important. 

    To this day I have never smoked a 96+ point  NC cigar. I have smoked plenty of Cuban 96 + cigars. That is personal taste/subjective. 

    I have also smoked plenty of dud Cuban cigars over the years. The market is littered with dud NC's. NC construction is far superior. 

    People who espouse their opinion as if it is the word of the second coming  should be politely avoided.

    The legend has spoken lol. Thanks for the response Rob. I wish I got some of those nudies! Life gets away from you sometimes but at least I am quick on 24:24! Next time nudies are avail I will be on it quickly…..

  3. 18 hours ago, X-Man said:

    Even though I smoked a BHK 56 and cracked open Gran Edmundo in honor of HabanaMike, I still have to go with the Trinidad Esmeralda from FOH.

    It is so good yet so young. Lots of potential to develop into a classic.

    Interesting. Ive never had a BHK. Not really for any reason beyond I didnt feel they could be THAT much better than CPE’s but then the price skyrocketed lol. I really want to try one but now might wait a long time! No way I am paying 2K for a box. Your post makes me feel I may have been correct…

  4. Whats up fellow B/SOTL’s! I consider our home here my home base but will venture out to the other forums. The amount of either hatred or down right uneducated discussions from people who act like they know what they are talking about has reached a weird level. There are some discussions on reddit right now that make me think I am on another planet. From guys telling newbies that Cuban cigars suck and taste bland to Cuba almost importing all of their tobacco so buying them vs new world doesn't matter. The craziest part is the amount of people who agree with these comments! 

    So my questions and discussion here is this: is this a massive marketing disinformation campaign by new world cigar companies? Are we as Cuban cigar guys (and gals) elitist? Is my flavor profile wrong or something lol? Ive smoked a lot of new worlds (padrons etc) and Cubans blow them out of the water. Its not even close. Smoke texture, flavor, complexity and less “tariness”overall. Am I missing something? I feel like this isn't even an argument. Im in the twilight zone! 

  5. 22 hours ago, ha_banos said:

    I once tried to fight this. Also plenty people keep a variety in a desktop humidor or a drawer.

    Oh and it's ok to mix RE, LE with regulars. But I cannot attest to reserva ranges! 🤣

    Been in there years. And they've all been delish 🤤

    Apologies if this post has triggered any anxiety or ocd. The poster will not be held responsible. But is happy to take any singles off your hands if you are not inclined to mix em up!

    I just cant do it. Im not ocd but this gives me anxiety lol. 


    Im not even close to the level of some our in house experts but I separate all of mine. Im prob about 3 years into this but I have always wondered about mixing them up. It has to change the cigar? Long term aging is best in their own boxes? I try to mimic that with individual tupperdors. Being a noob I just didnt want to mess with the integrity of the cigars and just out of habit kept doing it. The only ones that I mix are sir winstons, CORO and Cohiba Piramides lol. These guys can blend together all they want! 

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