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  1. I use Boveda 62% in my dry box tupperdor in Atlanta. If I was in Asia where it's even more crazy humid than Atlanta, I would get a 62% Boveda, and box it up with a couple of 5g desiccant packs to suck some of the juice out, then use that in your dry box. The desiccants will "prime" the Boveda so it can slowly absorb the extra humidity. I've also done quite well with one 5g desiccant pack for about 3-4 coronas. They need to sit for a couple of weeks to stabilize once the desiccant is exhausted. They will generally land somewhere in the low 60s which is fine.
  2. I found the EMS to smoke much heavier and denser, very full. It's the one where people say "man that cigar stinks!" Really took about six months to settle down. The Maduro is much smoother, even after three months. Kind of like a blended red wine, the Dominican/Honduran/Nicaraguan filler is very nicely balanced, best of all worlds. Honestly, I enjoyed my most recent London Club maduro as much as the Fuente Short Story maduro I smoked the day before.
  3. I've smoked the 6x46 and 6x38 sizes. Both remind me a lot of a RyJ, lots of medium flavor, warm spice, not much pepper. Not crazy complex but very enjoyable at a good price.
  4. In my mind, this is really what's happening. It has nothing to do with making Cohiba or any other Habanos a "luxury brand." It has everything to do with the Communist greed heads doing what they always do: confiscating every dollar they can on the way out the door to pad their exile accounts. They can see that what remains of the party in Cuba is in shambles. It's a pre-exile cash grab. The last party members on the ground will be dragged out into the streets and given the full Ceaușescu.
  5. We should probably hang out, those are two of my favorites. The Punch London Club Maduro is ridiculously good for a $3 stick, def a bit smoother, more medium and less oomph than the natural wrapped LC, which is VERY full when young. The maduro outperforms many cigars double or triple the price. I'm always kind of astonished at how satisfying these are for such a low price. Tatuaje Havana VI Verocu No. 5 is a rich delight, although probably a bit strong and peppery for the OP.
  6. My taste buds have been scorched by decades of IPAs and heavy cigars, really leaning towards the lighter smokes these days: Tatuaje Havana VI Victoria (6x38) - like a longer RyJ Coronita en Cedro, really nice medium gingerbread smoke, spicy but not peppery. The Havana VI red label is much lighter than the black label or the Havana VI Verocu. Punch Gran Puro - a Honduran puro, very mild with a lot of flavor. Amazing value, try a five pack. I've smoked the 6x60 and 5x54, there is a Rothschild size which I haven't smoked but I feel like it might give the blend just a touch more medium kick, which would be welcome. (The Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua did nothing for me.) EIROA 1st 20 Years - another a Honduran puro, lovely box pressed corona, lots of dry cocoa without any pepper punch, on the full side of medium. Quintero Londres Extra - just bought 100 more Quintero minutos/PCs for $200. Maybe I'm a cheap little piece of trash but at $2/each a Quintero gives me a lot of love. Guantanamera - people laugh at these but, honestly, the Decimos (panetela) are super mild and flavorful. The boxes I bought last month have some serious barnyard. An hour of Cuban tobacco for $1.70, me love you long time. This thread is proof of one immutable law of economics: substitution. People are already looking for alternatives.
  7. I've experimented a while over the last few months using some Tupperware and Boveda 58%, 62% and 65%. It was actually difficult to get them below 60% with our Atlanta humidity. I feel like for most cigars I like the 62% just a hair better than 65%. None of these experiments tasted skanky to me.
  8. Just a single Boveda 62%. I had previously used the foam with some PG solution. When I started noticing the bad taste I switched to Boveda but it didn't help. Maybe this is my humidor's "sick period!" It's sick alright... Where you at in Atlanta?
  9. I can't detect any smells other than the cedar. There isn't any visible signs of mold or damage either. Reviewing my notes I now realize how many truly bad cigars I've pulled out of this box. It's definitely NOT just a cigar that tastes reasonable but needs a few more months to smooth out the edges. I'm talking nearly un-smokeable, where the acrid taste overpowers everything else in the cigar, full on skank mouth. Doesn't matter the brand or the country. I may call it quits on this one, use it to store my cigar cutters, torches, etc., add another Tupperdor and move on.
  10. Yes I have. Most were in there anyway I was just using the wood box as a dry box before smoking. Atlanta humidity is off the chain right now!
  11. I agree that there are a lot of nasty NCs but these are cigars that I've bought and smoked many boxes and found to be quite palatable. The ones I haven't put in the wooden humidor have all been fine. The Fonseca was a fairly recent addition so may be a little young but fortunately I have two more for comparison.
  12. Can a wooden humidor get spoiled or sour? Lately I've had a lot of bitter smokes, across many different brands, and I suddenly realized the one common thread was that they had all been in my wooden humidor. All of the good smokes I've had have come straight out of my plastic Tupps! My hygrometers have been tested and all of my Tupps use 65% Bovedas. I have been in the habit of moving sticks into the 60-62% wooden humidor for a few weeks as a dry box before I smoke and those all seem to turn nasty on me, even Cubans and higher end NCs. When I smoke them right out of the Tupp, they are always terrific. I had three quality smokes (one Fonseca and two Drew Estate) from the wooden box yesterday. Each one had acrid, bitter notes that made them very unpleasant. Twelve hours later I still have ashtray mouth. Previous samples from the Tupps have all been fine. Possible explanations: 1) the cedar has somehow gotten contaminated or spoiled. It's 20+ years old, maybe it's gotten skanked out. Maybe it's off gassing some internal plywood that is underneath the cedar. 2) maybe whatever the cedar imparts into the cigar I just naturally perceive as bitter, where others might not. Thanks for your input.
  13. Okay, let's say for the purposes of discussion that I have just received a box of RyJ Coronitas en Cedro, box UBM OCT 18. These cigars were rolled at some point prior to Oct 2018, rested and then boxed. (Correct me if I'm wrong) Then, they were shipped all over the world and finally arrived at my house yesterday. Since they are subject to so many different temps and conditions over the past three years(!) have they really "AGED"? Or do they really start aging when they hit my humidor? For my Nic/Honds, I obviously never know the date and the "aging" starts when they hit my boxes. What are your thoughts on this?
  14. That's a great idea! Thanks. I would probably set my iPhone timer for 60-75 seconds, and every time it buzzes, hit repeat and take a slow draw.
  15. Guess I need to be shopping for some Shortys! Thanks for the input.

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