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  1. Prices were artificially low in the US due to the nature of the grey market. Personally finding it much harder to swallow $1500 for a box of CoRos than I thought I would considering they were 600 just a few months ago. Ill probably smoke through my stockpile and if prices are still this ludicrous I guess Ill have to experiment with some NC brands or just quit for a while.
  2. I will continue to buy Cohibas but now I only buy the ones I actually want to smoke since there's not point in stockpiling the less desirable ones (for me that is) at these prices. CoRo, Siglo VI, Piramides, Medio Siglo is about all Im looking for in the 24:24 now. Piramides were already overpriced IMO so Im interested to see what the new price point will be.
  3. Always wanted to learn to fly an airplane. Never had the free time to commit to it. It's on my bucket list so Ill get there one day.
  4. Also worth pointing out that the RH in your wineador likely varies from top to bottom. I have mine at 64F with Boveda 65% packs and it averages 68% on the top shelf and 62% on the bottom shelf.
  5. If it’s frozen like a computer you could try resetting at the breaker. But I assume you have already tried this.
  6. Looks like the safety lockout is on. I think you need to hold down the key “button” for a few seconds. Then it should work.
  7. As a theoretical construct taken outside of the newly established worldwide social and political norms of left and right, you would have to assume cigar smokers are generally older, whiter, and more conservative than the general populations of the countries they all live in.
  8. I live in Central FL so it’s above 70 F in my house all year round. I picked up a wineador with 6 shelves a while back to store my cigars below 70, seasoned it, and put in a bunch of Boveda 65% packs. Temp set to 64 F. I’ve noticed continued significant variance in the humidity readings depending on which level the hygrometer is placed. I now have 3 of them in there and the one of the top shelf reads 67%, the one in the middle reads 69%, and the one on the bottom reads 64%. Is this typical for a wineador set up? I assume it has to do with the fact that this one has 1 fan located in the middle of the device for circulation so airflow differences must be causing this variance. Do I need to buy an additional battery powered fan to circulate air up and down to normalize the humidity? I would have thought having multiple 65% Boveda packs would mitigate this but it doesn’t seem to be doing so unless I just need more of them? Or should I mix and match the Boveda packs, putting a 70% down in the bottom and a 65% in the middle or do they not work well together in that way? Or is it close enough to ideal that the cigars will be safe in that range and I’m just being OCD?
  9. It’s still cheaper than most alternative ways to kill an hour or two. When it costs more than a trip to the movie theater or something like that I’ll consider tapping out.
  10. not to hijack this thread but … is there a list of which cigars are still typically rolled at the Laguito factory?
  11. Thank you all for the advice. I will continue to leave them in the tubes but I will loosen the caps.
  12. This may be totally obvious to the pros on this forum … but what is the correct way to store/age cuban cigars that came in metal tubes? My sister brought me a bunch of various cohiba tubos she picked up in England last visit and I just threw them in the humidor still in the tube. Is that acceptable or was I supposed to remove them from the metal tube while storing in humidor? I figured the tubes are not airtight anyway so no harm either way?

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