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  1. That's a fantastic suggestion and thanks for your kind words One of the things I love about cigars is sharing them and having some great chats over different types of sticks... It's probably the best community I've ever been involved in and I really do love contrasting and comparing with others. Brilliant. Why not add the Cohiba Double Corona and Robustos Supremos while you are there I'm counting on some of those boxes to pay off my mortgage in a few years time!
  2. I was trying to find some lighter NCs but I've totally run out of Davidoff No. 2 and most of my NCs are in the medium to full section (e.g. Padron 26/64, Ashton VSG, ESG, Fuente Opus X, My Father etc.). I could leave them out and am tempted to do so but wanted to show him there is more to cigars than Cuban. HA. I've never myself had a Gigantes and if I did its unlikely I would part with them. From what I've heard they sound seriously impressive.
  3. 😂😂😂😂 I always liked the Reyes at whatever price it was before but they just didn't cut the mustard so would be happy to throw them in, if even to give him a whiff of what Trinidad is like. You're the second person to say Juan Lopez so I'll throw one in. I actually have no Monte 2-5 - I've really only got the Monte 1 (my favourite vitola), A, Especial, Especiales 2 and the Edmundo range. I'm not sure I'd part with my dear Monte 1's Evening BROMO Which would you recommend chucking out first? I can't work out which ones to discount first (other than going by what the current market value is) but the list I put together was representative of lots of different flavours. Difficult choices! I don't really have any... It's not a vitola I buy too much of but something along the Monte lines is a great idea. Thanks!
  4. I've got some RASS lying around in a 50 cab that I could put in - good idea! JL - not too strong for a beginner?
  5. Interesting. I've got a few boxes of the PLMC but I heard they needed a few years on them to become excellent - all of my stock is 20/21. Thanks for that recommendation!
  6. I smoked one just this morning. I remember my first Choix which I eagerly took ROTT and hated it. Left it for a few months and bang - oodles of citrus, cream and wood notes. It's now probably the one cigar I rave about time and time again. I feel that the ERDM blend/characteristics are probably my favourite of all cigars and if HSA did nothing else but ERDM (highly unlikely looking at the current brand portfolio of ERDM) I would be a happy man. It would be easy to overpower the fairly delicate flavours of the Choix and I always tell folk that this is either a morning smoke OR one to have with a champagne or white wine. I think this works well with a German Riesling but many whites will do. Champagne it fizzes away beautifully with these flavours. I remember Rob (I think) saying that this was a poor mans CoRo. Well in that case, I be the poor man as I'd take this over a CoRo any day of the week/month/year. Gushing over
  7. I introduced my mate to the Epi 2 a few months back after telling me that he was physically sick after smoking his first cigar. Of course, he tried his first cigar at 2am after around eight litres of beer, countless shots and it was likely a Bolivar or Opus X Double Corona type thing that just blew his head off. He fell in love with the flavour of the Epi 2 and is now keen to get into cigars. His birthday was a few weeks ago and I've been busy picking out cigars from my collection to put into a humidor that comfortably fits up to 40 sticks. I've put my first pass list below but wanted to see what others thought and whether I am missing anything obvious or whether I'm putting in anything ridiculous. Sorry if this has been done before but a basic search yielded nothing specific... From the list below assume I'm planning to put one, but maybe two of some cigars: El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme El Rey Del Mundo Demi Tasse Padron Damasao No. 8 (Corona Gorda) Portagas Series D No. 4 Punch Punch (from 21) Por Larrañaga Petit Corona Por Larrañaga Galanes Cohiba Robusto Quai d'Orsay 54 Montecristo Especiales No. 2 Punch Short de Punch Montecristo Edmundo Hoyo de Monterrey Hoyo du Depute Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 1 Hoyo de Monterrey Hoyo du Rio Seco Hoyo de Monterrey Elegantes San Cristóbal de La Habana La Fuerza H. Upmann No. 2 H. Upmann Mag 50 Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Presidente Trinidad Reyes N3 Carlotas (both shades) Rafael Gonzalez Perlas Any comments are greatly appreciated/welcome.
  8. My mate recently gave me three cigars - all Asylum 13, a 6 x 60, 7 x 70 and an 8 x 80. I'll throw up a picture when I can find it. For someone that thinks a large RG is anything over 44 these look so ridiculous in comparison. The next biggest I have in the humidor is the Topes followed by the Siglo VI. As @Nevrknow mentioned earlier, I'm not sure I would feel comfortable smoking this around other people for fear of the jokes that would ensue. But on a serious note, I just don't find them comfortable - they don't fit well in the mouth and I don't have a size complex. Give me a Laguito No. 1 or Laguito No. 2 any day.
  9. HAHAHAHA It was actually 'Abduls Green Juice' from a Turkish place. Some kale, apple juice etc. - very healthy indeed. The five or so litres of Peroni that followed it plus a few Rum cocktails however weren't quite as healthy
  10. I'll be contradictory here ... I smoked a Hoyo du Depute on Tuesday and one on Wednesday, both from the same box (DMU or OMU JUN 21). Tuesday - absolutely dreadful. Charred, muddle flavours, bitter and overall a terrible taste. Ditched it in the middle of the final third. Wednesday - absolutely sublime. Creamy, flavourful, lots of biscuit and an almost honeyed like taste (although my palate isn't particularly fantastic so take that with a pinch of salt). Pictured here is the great one. I didn't bother to take a picture of the bad shocker one....
  11. I smoked one of the most beautiful cigars I've ever smoked yesterday, which was very very kindly gifted by @El Presidente (thank you mate!). The Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro and it surpassed my love of the Hoyo DC and the Partagas Lusitania (of course it would do, as an unavailable discontinued cigar). It had a cream, cake and biscuit character and evolved beautifully. I love the Double Corona format and although it was a bit of a windy the aroma, the taste and the Peroni that went with it were perfect. Luckily I have one more in the humidor but that will be kept for a special occasion. Now, I need to source more of these....
  12. I've got a box of these and it's a nice cigar, 98 points - absolutely not. It's very bold, chocolatey and does evolve but do I find myself longing for one? Absolutely not. In NC terms, I'd take a Padron 1926 Robusto (or any of the other 1926 vitolas) or in CC terms, a BRC, a BPC or SLR Regios well before I took this one. TBH I actually prefer EP Carrillo's Royal Pyramides Oscuro to this stick - that I find to be a lot more flavourful...
  13. I'd second @NSXCIGAR here with the Hoyo du Depute - beautiful little smoke, a mini-Lanceros at 4 x 38. I'd also look out the Quai d'Orsay 50 which is clearly not the same but very creamy, light and full of flavour. I don't think there is an alternative Reyes - it is so distinct - but there are heaps of other light to medium cigars that smoke beautifully.
  14. I went (fairly) deep on the Cohibas that I love (Lanceros, CCE, Esplendidos, Siglo VI and III) so I've got time to sit this one out for a bit. Still gutted I only managed to get one box of Trinidad Fundadores and zero Siglo V so the likelihood of me dropping some coin to get a few more boxes of these is high. As for the others, no freaking way. I've said it before but I absolutely love Padron 1926 (Maduro), Fuente Opus X and Ashton ESG. Whilst I would be gutted if HSA didn't do a u-turn in the future and bring the prices of Cohiba and Trinidad down to a reasonable level I'll simply start smoking more extra premium NC cigars. As a rough comparison point - Padron 1926 Maduro No. 1 is c$500 and Esplendidos will be around $2300. No. Freaking. Way.
  15. I had the most phenomenal Cohiba Lanceros (from memory, UAO MAR 18) - honey, grass, a touch of citrus and some cream. I thought I picked out some caramel but didn't want to steal Ken's thunder ... A guy approached me from a local cigar store and started talking to me about cigars and it was a great short chat. He mentioned it was a £130 stick to which I told him that I wouldn't pay that much for a Lanceros. These things are glorious but they aren't £130 glorious.

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