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  1. Gotta start cleaning the house for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. Thinking a monte no.2 for tonight with some Livermore petite Syrah.
  2. Split a box of P2 TLE NOV 20 with a buddy back in April. Guess they were pumping that vitola out last November.
  3. Living in Livermore. Nice little wine industry here, goes great with cigars!
  4. I have a TUA JUN 20 box that is excellent as well. Was my first Lusi so set the bar pretty high. Just got a SOU OCT 20 box that haven’t sampled yet.
  5. Hi all, Newbie here. Smoked NC off and on for years but didn’t really get serious about the cigars until March 2020. Didn’t have my first CC until March 2021. Was a MC No 2 and my mind was blown. Quite the thrill when a package shows up on your door step and you open the box hoping for PSP-like quality. Really have enjoyed browsing through here and have learned a lot in a short time. Look forward to participating in the discussions. Cheers!

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