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  1. Yep, diplo 2, wrapper was saying smoke me and it was right. Edit: RAT MAR 21
  2. N3 Carlito is on fire tonight, best experience with them so far by a stretch. Pepper is dissipating.
  3. @El Presidente does this represent a possible chance to reopen the Intl store? That would be AWESOME!
  4. I smoke cc's 90% of the time so not really interested what they do unless I get a note from Customs.
  5. something different for me. truly great cigar but I am not a fan over 50 rg.
  6. Happy Fathers Day to all those it applies. I bought these as a novelty. My girl's daughter is getting married down the road and she said I could only sneak out for 1 cigar during the reception so I bought a fiver of Alex's MJ23. If I want to continue the relationship it was a very hard no, along with many other choice words. 🤣 I ran into issues the last few inches but up until then, wow! cudos Alex!
  7. Hello old friend, it's nice to see you again. My love has not faded, but the market is jaded. I long for the fino, but you as a replacement are primo. Smaller vits are the norm amidst this trepid storm... I long for the day Hsa f's this up and you are reasonable again. I'm a bit toasted.
  8. Those are depressing articles, but worth it to understand the situation on the ground. Thanks for sharing Ryan.
  9. A custom lancero. fine cigar in a clean ashtray @Fuzz
  10. Can someone send me a case of Seleccion de Maestros before this shit gets crazy too please. edit or Santiago 11
  11. @El Presidente any traction on the dress box idea?
  12. It was a bit one dimensional for me. That dimension was very good with abundant twang, but I like a flavor journey. Alex's fundadores got me hooked on trying their stuff, and many times going back for more.

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