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  1. Just leave me alone for like 4 hours. That’s all I ask.
  2. Being born in ‘81, I had no idea growing up that people didn’t like the Doors. Everyone had a copy of the Greatest Hits double CD in their book. I lumped them in with The Who, Zeppelin, etc as universally approved bands. Interesting to read through this thread, wonder if there’s a significant split b/w those that lived it and those that inherited it. 7/10 feels right on this one. Some of their best, mixed with some real “meh” stuff.
  3. 9/10. A great movie. The characters get so much more depth than the first, the movie feels so dense. Point deduction for the whole Frankie Five Angels turn. Why do the hit men try to confuse Frankie by telling him it was Corleone if they meant to kill him? The whole movie hinges on this and it doesn’t make any sense. Acting is off the charts, especially Cazale. But hot take, I don’t think Deniros performance is all that great. He doesn’t do anything a long list of actors couldn’t. I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I wouldn’t put this role in his top 5.
  4. Tarantino is a great example of “die a hero or live long enough to become a villain.” His formula didn’t change as tastes did. Maybe not as bad as M Night, but once you knew what you were getting you were left wanting something else. But… this movie and Reservoir Dogs ushered in a new wave of movies. As mentioned, people were walking out on these. Now, the ear cutting scene wouldn’t make my kids blink. True indies, kicked off the mad dash to discover the next “cool” thing. And he didn’t “sell-out”, I remember thinking how big a deal that was. Ah, the 90’s. All that nonsense aside, pure distilled entertainment. Every scene packs something. Easy 9/10, lots of fun, really well acted and cast.
  5. Bro, too soon… That one hurt so bad. Really thought it was Halliday’s ring that year, would’ve been special. That and Cody *bleeping* Ross in 2010 sting still.
  6. Phils loaded up on offense, but should continue their streak of awful to historically bad defense. Interested to see how the expanded playoffs impact the season. Even just one more slot in each league keeps more teams in it, should be pretty exciting.
  7. Assuming we’re living in a world where stock is actually on the shelves… I like a 10 for something new, then 50 cabs. Great to be able to have a small sampler before committing to a box. After sampling, I move all-in. I’ve never had a cigar I liked and thought “damnit, I have way too many of these”. Plus I feel more quick to share knowing I’ve got a half wheel in stock. In reality… I’ll take what I can get.
  8. An absolute 10. The story, the acting, directing, casting, costume… everything, all home runs. Think of the number of quotes you’re still using today from this 50 year old movie. Let me tell you something my kraut mick friends, doesn’t get any better. Few if any nits to pick with it. The legends behind the making of the movie are just as entertaining too. Read lot of people claiming I is a more entertaining movie but II is the masterpiece. I’ve seen II a good dozen times, still confuses the hell out of me. Can’t bring myself to waste the time on III.
  9. Meh, I’ve bought a few micro/boutique brand watches and they all kept horrible time and eventually crapped out. At $300, I’d rather save some more and buy an entry level Hamilton.

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