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  1. I think you guys are being too nice. I'm going in a different direction.
  2. has been a great tool for my project management and CRM. Far more simple than Salesforce and more intuitive than Trello.
  3. Romeo y Julieta is probably my least favorite Cuban marque. The Churchill on top of that is a cigar that has consistently disappointed me. Had a box of 2013 and a box of 2020 that were just muddled, tight draw and some were extremely plugged. Call it bad luck I guess. Given how much I love the churchill size, it sucks that one of only three Cuban churchills that remain is a consistent bad egg for me.
  4. For my money, it doesn't get better than a Lusi out of a 50cab, even with only a year or two of age. I find there to be an incredible variation in smoking experience when they're are stuffed in dress boxes. I think the 2016-2017 Lusis were some of the weakest, and the young ones now are showing more potential than any I can remember. I have had Lusis as old as '91s, and the 2012-2015 and recent stock are my preferred. I get through one in about 1hr45min. Alongside Sir Winston and 8-9-8 for my holy triumvirate of 🐐 cubans. I can't have enough cabinets in my humidors. Lusi > RAG > Punch DC > Hoyo DC (tho the Hoyo is quite amazing when it's on - it just hits so infrequently for me - maybe 10% of the time).
  5. Don Julio Anejo tequila (ample ice) and BRE 18 Upmann 2s. I wish I had 40 boxes of these.
  6. Is anyone aware of how the book can be purchased now? Doesn't seem like there are any live links on the site. I am late to the party.
  7. Same for me. Filled it out again and got another confirmation.
  8. This is a great question and something to think about given Mike's recent passing. @El Presidente Do you think there's a potential living web resource that can be created for families to be directed to (in a will, or the like) to make the process easier for the uninitiated? Maybe it's own domain name or an extension of I feel like my wife, if I passed, would stare at my tower and just feel completely overwhelmed even if I left some care/sale instructions for her. A trusted online source that could be updated/living might be a good thing for all of us to share with our loved ones. My wife feeling that she could fill out a form and upload a spreadsheet to get help from a compassionate human being would be very helpful, even if that would ultimately mean unloading it all on Bond Roberts. I certainly wouldn't mind my collection going to the folks on BR/FOH if it means she actually would receive something from it. Focused on: legal and fair selling, humidity/temp maintenance, pricing resources, selling resources, shipping resources, etc. High likelihood that even an extensive google search wouldn't provide anything of value... I dunno, just a thought.
  9. have you seen his workouts? Coupled with double-lasik surgery, you're sure to be at least 7-10 this year.
  10. I am enjoying: 1. Upmann 2 2. Partagas P2 3. Lusitanias I am struggling with: 1. Epi 2 2. R+J Churchill 3. Monte 4
  11. A Prayer for Volodymyr Zelensky A well-written article on the unexpected courage and determination of Zelenskyy, a former comedian.
  12. R+J Churchills are #1 for me. Epi2 a close second and Magnum 50 third.
  13. One of the best Lusi's I've had in the last few years. Enjoyed one of the final days of decent northeast US weather.

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