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  1. Decided to crack this box open and smoked it over lunar new year, very pleasant smoke, very enjoyable.
  2. Smoking one of the last “bundle paper wrapped” cigars I bought on my last trip to Havana. Mostly gave it out as a novelty to my cigar buddies then really smoking them. Very rough and have a very strong metallic taste to it. Have a very distinct floral cuban aroma to them, which I must say is not unpleasant.
  3. My guest doing the FOH no. 3 blind tasting while I blind test 3 whiskeys😅
  4. My favourite day time go-to smoke this year, sadly it's the last one of the box😭 I am gonna smoke this one very slowly.. Partagas shorts ELG ABR - 14
  5. Another beautiful day at the “office” with a Magnum 54 (LMB July 18)
  6. Once found a JLP in the bottom of my humidor which I have forgotten, at least been sitting there for 7 years. Was pleasantly surprised how smooth and mellow it had became.
  7. Great weather to smoke my QD50 outdoors with fellow HK Foh‘ers @Ghabanos and @Meklown, and thanks for the invite to the jockey club @Ghabanos.
  8. nothing beats root beer for me, and also the good ole' coke classic
  9. 2008 Alfa spider. Had it for two years, every couple months the check engine light will appear and off to the mechanic it goes. Always something else breaks after one thing is fixed. The convertible top will work only intermittently and the mechanic who is an Alfa specialist had no idea what's wrong with it.
  10. Thanks @Meklown for sharing these. Cant believe how incredibly full bodied these are for an Upmann!
  11. College room mate was a cigar smoker and he got me into it, i remember having chat deep into the night and enjoying out cigars. i still remember the first brand i smoked, a PG (Paul Garamian).. Then i had my first cuban on a holiday in Hong Kong, bought at the Davidoff shop in the Landmark. was hooked and never turned back.
  12. Great smoke, profound hints of dried prunes and rasins. Powerhouse of a smoke..
  13. Smoked this pretty much ROTT, what a beautiful smoke
  14. Got gifted this Partagas Anejado from @mt1 last night at our weekly game. Wow what a spectacular smoke..Lots of floralness with cedar and pepper , quite creamy, no hard edges. So pleasant. Thanks again and looking forward to our next game! Whether I am winning or losing, it's always a pleasure to spend Friday evenings with other cigar guys!

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