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  1. Yeah, agreed! I got a small sponge and filled it with distilled water, leaved it there for only 1 day, and humidity already is very close to Boveda's RH without it. Boxes are all dated from late 2020, very new, I believe that maybe there are coming already drier from factory (or maybe from retailer too, bad storage). edit: leaved a small piece of sponge in which bag for only 1 day, with Boveda together. Just to "kick the start" of the box humidification. For now, I believe it worked.
  2. It's already calibrated. I have only one, but when I put it on a bag with a thin cigar box (or no box at all, only loose cigars), the RH reading is in line with Boveda, leading me to believe that the other bags are really with a low RH. I believe so. Maybe its just a question of patience. Then I have one doubt: to season a desktop humidor, usually is used a 81% Boveda for a few days until the wood will be humidified to finally put the desired Boveda from your RH preference. The 81% Boveda I understand that is to accelerate the process, but how long it would take if I would try to season it directly with my RH from preference (65%)? Amazing! My problem is just that where I live is really very hot 90/95F frequently, but I believe its the best way for a really long term ride. Inside the Ziplock bag, with 2 brand new 16g Bovedas and bags are perfectly seals and calibrated hygrometer. This is what makes me more puzzled. Exactly, overthinking really is the matter that frustrates me with don't getting the desired RH. I really believe that patience is the game's name, but still learning this with cigars aging process yet rs
  3. Hello, I keep my cigars inside a compressor wineador using Ziplock bags with Bovedas to maintain humidity at 65% RH. Until some time ago, I only had cigars box that had thin wood, like entry level Partagas, H. Upmann, etc. Keeping 1 box per Ziplock w/ 65% Boveda was just perfect, with a precise humidity and temperature level (measured using Xikar hygrometer). Now I am starting to store some "better cigars" (full boxes) as Partidas D4, HdM Epicure 2 (25 cabinet), etc, that has bigger and thicker cedar box, and then I started to have humidification issues. With this ticker factory boxes, using 65% or even 72% Bovedas the RH still between 55%~60% (even using 2 Bovedas per bag, which has only one cigar box). I've come to the conclusion that the cigar box are drying the humidity and keep it a low levels, like it would be to store cigars on a unseasoned desktop humidor. I want to keep my cigars inside their boxes to safety reason for a long term aging, but I am reluctant to season the own factory box (putting a 81% Boveda without cigars, for some days later, put cigars inside it again). Anybody has something to comment about it, please? Thanks!

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