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    Used Harleys, manure, potato peelers, fly swatters, Firearms.
    Wars Fought, Revolutions Started, Assassinations Plotted, Governments Overrun, Stud Service, Bars Emptied, Orgies Organized, Limits Tested.

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  1. I’ve seen this same 000030070401 code mentioned on several security labels. Sorry you got taken. I know we aren’t supposed to mention vendors, but wish we knew which it was from. PM welcome.
  2. Also, other than the 2018 EL on the Cohiba, the first thing that caught my eye on the Cohiba band was the tails of the C in Cuba passing through the loops.
  3. Smoke one more and decide whether you feel it’s worth the enjoyment in the future. If not, sell the remaining and enjoy the profit as you see fit.
  4. If they were serious they’d be protesting standing on their heads. 😁
  5. Stay safe. My son and his wife had to evacuate 6 days from a in CA. Luckily the wind shifted and their home was spared. take care.
  6. After reading all the comments I’m glad I didn’t waste my last remaining data minutes watching. 👍
  7. ASSID Australian Society for the Study of Intellectual Disability ? Acid by Drew estate cigars
  8. The letter has to be from Ray Barone. (Everybody loves Raymond). Only his mother Marie, would call to apologize or set the vendor straight. 😝
  9. I was going to mention the same thing regarding the EL band. The alignment of the last number in the year usually lines up under the M in Limitada. In this case it’s under the L. Plus the coloring is really off. Are we not seeing a triple cap?

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