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  1. Nice. I just ordered 2 boxes of these too. Should arrive today or tomorrow hopefully. So far everything I have tried from Warped has been pretty good. These are on the pricey end of the Warped line though. But ordering from the discount site and using a discount code helped get the cost down.
  2. Now that’s a keen eye. Yes they are Liro Rojo 2019. I will be sure to give you my thoughts after smoking one. I apologize in advance as I probably won’t be able to give you a sophisticated breakdown of all the tasting nuances throughout the progression as I am not that developed. However I will let you know my assessment.
  3. Yes there are many many flaws with my old method. It may or may not have even been better than nothing. I have all cigars in Tupperware with bovidas now. Thinking of moving my pipe tobacco out to Tupperware with lower rh bovida too. Also thinking of adding bovida to the tobacco stand but I don’t think the tobacco stand is sealed tight enough. My whole house usually stays between 45 and 55 rh so it isn’t too dry here. I keep humidifiers running when it gets cold outside and the heat starts working overtime. I have read about tap water and mold and whatnot. Thanks for the advice njpinette.
  4. Trying the 6201r now. So far I like it. May go for a 100 box. We’ll see.
  5. Came in the mail today. I thought I would try out a brand I’ve never tried with four 5 packs.
  6. I'm certainly no expert, but the only other thing I can think of that I didn't see mentioned was all cigars were removed and re-frozen but could a beetle or eggs have remained in the humidor? A commercial factory may fumigate the building with a gas that kills beetles but doesn't affect the cigars or wood shelves, but as far as I know nothing like that is available to consumers. You certainly don't want to soak all your surfaces in bad chemicals. The best I could think would be wipe all the surfaces down with distilled water really good and clean the wiping material regularly. Also in some of the things I have read and I could be way off... again this is me extrapolating from information I have read... If humidity is slightly high but the temperature is right but temperature is close to the border... it may be possible the ambient temperature is actually slightly lower than the temperature of your tobacco. Think of hay in a barn. If the hay is put away too wet the barn may be 85 degrees but they hay ferments and gets hot enough to eventually start a fire and burn the barn down. That's an extreme example, but if you think your temperature is just right or just under the border I could imagine the inside of a slightly humid cigar with some very slight fermentation activity being 1 degree warmer possibly pushing it into hatching range. That's just my crazy paranoid thought though and I'm sure it is highly unlikely or nearly impossible. Stranger things have probably happened though.
  7. Well that's better than the last one at least. That heater looks like a patio warmer for sure too. This one was 0.15g lighter than the last which isn't much difference. I would suspect that the weight tolerance at the factory when assembling cigars is probably more than +/- 0.15g. I would think they probably don't use cigar weight as a quality check, but rather ring gauge and length. I work in manufacturing and quality assurance. If you put too many criteria related to similar attributes on a product you will never have anything that passes. We have some items graded by weight and length. Some graded by circumference and length. Very few are graded by weight and circumference and length. The more "natural" a product is the more variation you see (food, cigars, etc). The more precision constructed something is the more you can control it, albeit at a cost (screws, nuts, engine manifolds, sheet metal). I would also expect the difference in weight between cigars kept at 65%, 69%, and 72% can't be very much. That would be an interesting test to hold a few cigars at a constant humidity for 30 days or so, check the weights, then move to a different storage condition, allow to stabilize, and check again at a couple different humidities to see how each changes in weight. I bet it would be very slight but that's just my gut feeling. It seems you have a very accurate scale that can weigh in thousandths of a gram. I also have a very accurate scale. I may try this. Unless this is already well understood and could be the reason you are weighing to begin with. In any case glad you had a better experience with this one.
  8. If a cigar is over humidified then returned to normal for some time will this cause the issues you mention or is that mostly experienced when a cigar is smoked in the over humidified state?
  9. Beautiful cigar, beautiful stream and deck to enjoy it by, and nice review. Cigar reviews have become a lot more complex since I last paid attention. Much like wine tasting.
  10. Hello everyone. I see several others from North Carolina here already! It is nice to know there are some nearby folks. I am in Eastern NC Around Raleigh, Fayetteville, and Wilmington area. I found this forum yesterday in a web search for coolerdors and storage. Actually it was this great post that got me here: I didn't take the best advice on the thread but I did get a couple rubbermaid brilliance tubs and some 69 bovidas. Previously... Don't laugh too loud... but previously I had been using an antique tobacco stand that was passed down to me from my parrents. You know a wood stand that has a door and a copper lined interior. It actually did a better job than my first small desktop humidor. I would throw a wet rag in there any time it got dry. Tap water. Very sophisticated. Needless to say I didn't keep any good cigars on hand for very long. If I wanted a good cigar I went to the shop and purchased one and they were all gone within a couple weeks. There is still pipe tobacco in that stand. Anyways now that I have a better way to keep stable humidity I already placed an online order to start a collection. The cooler may come one day soon. My tupperdor stays in a room that is humidified to 50% +/- a few percent to help with guitar stability. I have on and off enjoyed cigars since around 2000. Always new world as that is what is available. I've had a few Cubans that coworkers brought from Cuba or when I traveled abroad. Always Cohiba. Very limited experience with CC. My favorite is Padron 1964, Ashton Cabinet, Ashton VSG, and Cohiba XV which I guess is gone now. I just ordered a bunch of Warped even through I never tried them. The forum seems to have a good set of rules and respectful discussion, and I want to learn more so I joined! I look forward to looking around, reading, and improving my situation! Warmest regards to you all!
  11. It looks like there are quite a few people from NC here! I just got here less than an hour ago and am about to post an introduction, but I'm also from eastern NC like a few of the rest of you. Right in the middle of nowhere between Greenville, Surf City, and Fayetteville. J-slay even though you were here before me congrats on finding the forum!

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