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  1. Hello I'm from the Huntsville AL area. Have gotten pretty serious into cigars this year. My favorite Cubans are Ramone allones specially selected, partagas serie d no 4, mont #2, cohiba, papo and various farm rolls, vegueros, Trinidad vigia, hdme 2, punch de punch, quai d orsay 50, robaina unicos and a few others. I have been using tupperdors up until now. Just installed the Redford humidor this week I love cigars, rum, scotch, bourbon, good beer, bbq, and video games if I have the time
  2. How did you all set yours up? Did you use boveda.. heartfelt beads.. water or a combination? My desired rh is 65%. The top is usually 61% middle 65-67 and bottom 69-72%

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