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  1. The weekend I’m looking forward to a 7 yr old CoRo with a spring bank 15 🤞
  2. Anything above 52 seems excessive. I have tried a 60 - and it just feels wrong! Not enjoyable
  3. That is a really good sign if 6 out of 7 had no symptoms the vaccine certainly helped in reducing the symptoms Also the CDC just announced all vaccinated folks can take of their masks indoors and outdoors and don't need to physical distance any more
  4. so the evolution to this cigar would be a T-shaped cigar where you have to light it on 2 ends ( 2 feet?) - and it will be called a "two foot cigar"
  5. I have had better experiences with German made MBs (E-class) vs the SUVs (ML, GL) that are made in Alabama. Electric cars will become more reliable, and you are correct we are still in the early days - hence all the quirks with early model Teslas
  6. IMO any electric car - which has far fewer moving parts compared to an ICE car, would be more reliable and logical to own. Survey does not show the type of problems cars can have, and often the devil is in the details. For example the MB is rated middle of the pack, but I would stay away from them expect for a couple of tried and true models. Any repair on a german car (MB, Audi, BMW) would cost your an arm and a leg and not to mention the debt of regret served on the side
  7. who? Every this seems like a mass marketing activity to promote a particular brand
  8. WOW - That was my first post ever on FOH - what a cracking start to the forum Thanks everyone! Made my way to this forum from the YouTube site. Also as a disclaimer - I certainly did not purchase those wonderful cigars!' Thanks for the very generous gesture! @El Presidente

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