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  1. I'm in Crop Insurance here in the U.S. We have other governments contact our company all the time trying to get an insurance product like we have for their growers. It's always the same answer. It can't happen without the subsidy and full support of a robust federal government. We've had some countries with robust economies reach out that you'd think could support or get a little something off of the ground. Can't do it. The liability is crazy. Even with approximately 70% government subsidy, U.S. farmers pay in approximately $5 billion each year in premiums.
  2. I haven't cracked a single box of Cohiba that I've purchased since joining here. Ten or so boxes I think. The plan was to age them all to 5 years. I plan on smoking every single one.
  3. Just let the guy celebrate @Monterey. Good grief.
  4. Love this idea!! Feel like the pepper would show up enough to give me a chance here and there.
  5. J-Slay


    Greenville, NC
  6. Petit Corona. No doubt. Bolivar PC’s are what got me into CC’s. Had one from ‘17 last night that was out of this world 🇨🇺💨
  7. Two gems in two days. Can’t believe all of the hate on the RASS. One of my favs. The Bolivar PC was spectacular MSU DIC 17 - Hand Picked from our Prez. Perfection…
  8. What's your cheap and cheerful of choice in the Habanos lineup these days, Prez?
  9. And it’s a Marevas too, so the absolute perfect size.
  10. Ya. Good luck finding a flat 4 for less than 25K now. The green just looks so much better on the alum rather than the ceramic imo…
  11. For sure! Caught some nice trout and puppy drum east of Bell Haven a few weeks back. E.I. is close and the company is good.
  12. Hanging with my daughter this weekend and smoking some fine tobacco from you. May head to the Emerald Isle pier and do some fishing in the cold. Smoke some fine tobacco there too.
  13. Just drove within a few miles of it earlier today. It was raining, so hope that’s helping.
  14. Davidoff Classic No.2 That’s the only NC I’ve smoked in 2 years now. I have 3-4 a month now.
  15. Very nice! I’m on the hunt hard for some recent production boxes of Siglo II. Wouldn’t mind scooping up a few aged boxes too. For me, the perfect blend in the perfect vitola. Enjoy!
  16. Not in the comp, but wanted to share these. I love bread so much, and these helped with missing that. Lost 40 lbs at the beginning of the pandemic. They go with almost every meal and can be used in so many ways. Good luck, fellas!
  17. In for the Collectors & Poster too! Very exciting. Congrats, Alex!
  18. Tubos No. 2 from here at the resort in Costa Rica. F-ing fabulous.
  19. Went antiquing today with the wife and daughter. Hit one of our favorite spots and struck gold. Found this old Powell tobacco barn sign. The patina is just absolutely perfect. Also found this 80+ year old flue cured tobacco leaf framed. Burlap mat. Custom wormwood frame. What a day. Pics do neither justice but had to share.
  20. RyJ Ex 4 ABO OCT 17 Monte No. 4 UEB DIC 17 Fellas, that Monte 4 was perfect in every way. Just firing on all 8 and has legs for years. Amazing. Hope you’re all having a good week!!

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