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  1. Got a box of the maduro versions on the way - looking forward to trying them now!
  2. Wide open draw as you would expect and a lovely soft wrapper. 1/3 very spicy at the back of the throat. Musty and glimpses of more subtlety. Very muted compared to usual. Smooth and creamy textured smoke. 2/3 much of the same - mustiness and spice. 3/3 picks up a bit, finally. Leather, rich tobacco and hint of coffee. Disappointing as the first few sticks from the box have been terrific and this was just average. 45 minutes 85
  3. Stick looked and smelled great and hadn’t tried one in a while. Thought I’d grab a single for an evening walk around town while nosing on the neighbourhood Christmas lights. Robusto size is perfect for me and one I smoke more than any other. Usually stick to a RASS or CORO but fancied something different. 1/3 full of flavour - rich and savoury but not too overwhelming. Bit of spice and toast. Draw however a bit of a struggle and being out on a stroll I didn’t have the perfect draw. 2/3 smidge of cocoa but only brief. Burn excellent despite poor draw. 3/3 pretty consistent all the way down. Nice smoke just shame about the draw. Personally much prefer a Rio Seco if I’m in the mood for a Hoyo but an Epi 2 is always a solid smoke. 86 - draw issue but otherwise very pleasant
  4. Smoked this very soon after covid but I would say it was one of the lightest bodied cigars I’ve had in a while. Immensely creamy texture with a faint bitter cherry in the background. Bit floral. Not my preferred flavour profile.
  5. Partagas Serie D no. 5 (JBWP5RW) Media Luna for the JBWP5RW review week
  6. A favourite short smoke that never disappoints. One of a number of singles I picked up last year. 1/3 straight into flavour. Cayenne spice, sourdough, and salted butter. Draw slightly firm and quickly fixed with two pulls of the perfect draw tool. 2/3 leather and coffee join the mix. Burn a bit crooked. 3/3 much the same as the first and second third. No complaints. Toss up between this and the Montecristo Petit Edmundo as my go to short smoke. Both are excellent. Burn and draw today weren’t the best but otherwise a great stick. 90
  7. First time properly trying the Media Luna and unsure what to expect - love the Esmeralda and Coloniales but never really had a decent Vigia and the Reyes is too small for my liking. 1/3 draw is excellent and wish all cigars had a pigtail cap. Initial puffs are supremely smooth but quite mild. Flavours are exactly what I like from Trinidad - coffee, nuts, and a pleasant bready note. 2/3 flavours amp up. Darker coffee and oak. Tangy sweet citrus type flavour (that I often find in Trinidad cigars but can never properly define) comes and goes. Bit of spice. 3/3 same as second third but does get a bit charred at times. Finishes strong. Bags of flavour and a great sized cigar. Paired with a fruity IPA but would probably have gone better with a coffee, whiskey or brandy. All in a very good cigar and look forward to trying again in a few months. 92 - far better than the Vigia but just short of the Esmeralda. Probably strongest of the bunch.
  8. Personally I find the Vigia a bit too mild and woody for my liking. Media Luna is closest to the Coloniales and has plenty of flavour. Esmeralda for me is a step above and still yet to try the Topes as it’s not really a size I tend to opt for.
  9. Picking up a RASS for the first time in a while as typically keep these as a winter smoke while out walking. Lovely square box press on this stick and a nice sheen. Cold draw has the absolute perfect amount of resistance and noticeably flavoursome even before lighting up. Paired with a pint of my latest home-brew IPA. 1/3 oily, rich, and smooth tobacco notes to open. Light spice in the background. Straight into bags of flavour. Draw is impeccable and not any hint of bitterness. 2/3 still oily, still rich, smoke is dense and chewy. Some of the cigars from this box have been absolutely superb. Flavours keep flicking between a dry oak and a deep and oily leather with occasional walnut notes on the edges. 3/3 big spice hit just after halfway packs a real punch. So much going on in this cigar. Much the same as the second third but that is no complaint. Closed out a little warm but still delicious. Really the best ever evening smoke and a reminder to smoke more of these. 94
  10. Without doubt my favourite is Christoph Waltz in this scene from Inglourious Basterds
  11. Felt very light but draw was spot on - the last few E2/Rio Secos I’ve had have been similar and all come in around the hour mark Might have to try that for the next one - thanks!
  12. I’ve had a couple of E2s lately that burn pretty quick. Think the big ring gauges just handle the constant puffing a lot better without overheating and get carried away. Noticed the same on the Rio Seco.

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