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  1. just got my nudies in today! gonna wait the 30 days though.
  2. haha too bad this guy doesn't know about 12:12, where prices are half off!
  3. what box code for the 2018 CoRo's? I have some in the humidor that are MUP
  4. Haven't been able to try this vitola yet, but thought I'd pass the news.
  5. great info! trinidad is currently my fave marca, I hope the quality keeps on the upward trend.
  6. darn so the trinidad fundies made the 2018 and 2019 lists, but dropped off in 2020. Anyone have any insights on the quality of 2020 fundies?
  7. Trinidad Reyes works for me when it is cold outside, about 40 min tops.
  8. anyone have any thoughts on how the 2020 PSD4's are smoking compared to the 2018's? Wondering if I should pick up some 2020's to put down while finishing off the current box.

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