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  1. @PurosyVino thanks very much for the link and the advice. I agree seems legit I’ve ordered it so I’ll check with the UV when it gets here. Many thanks again for the advice much appreciated 👏👏👍
  2. Gents I know we all use the habanos authenticity check for peace of mind of boxes with barcodes but how do I go about checking the authenticity of a box from the year 2000 with only the red number code on the habanos seal. It’s an empty box but I’d prefer it to be a real empty box..or do we all think this is just an old fake box?
  3. Looking like a magnum 46 from at least 8 years ago ..so 2013?
  4. Bought this guy this evening from a local Spanish cigar store and it was labelled as H.upmann no.50 ?? But can’t find anything online re this line? Couldn’t find the box to identify as they were closing but cigar is in great shape and will go back tomorrow to investigate more after I smoke it tonight but anyone any ideas re line/vintage ?
  5. Hard to find a bad H.upmann ?????
  6. Found this guy hiding in the back of the local Estanco...2016 Limited Edition Churchill Gran Toro ???????? Very very Woody cigar with slight hints of spices but throughly enjoyed it for €18 ..have to admit I wouldn’t buy it again tho...better cigars here for that money ?
  7. Little hidden gem I found in my local estanco today ???

    © All image rights are my own but free to use with permission ??

  8. Decided to bite the bullet and buy the box sure who needs a savings account ??????????????
  9. Partagas Maduro no1 with coffee...because what signifies lockdown better than a cigar and coffee out the window ???????? ☕️

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