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  1. The markets are discrediting themselves by interfering in completely legitimate trades in order to seemingly try and benefit insiders. A free market would let it play out. Short selling is always a bet - a bet with a huge potential downside. Some people bet and lost and they should pay the price or reap the rewards as it happens. Certainly when all is said and done GME will leave many retail investors with losses as well. The stock is artificially overvalued and as short positions are closed at a loss the price will come down and hurt retail investors that hold onto their positions for too long. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. No curfew. Bars are closed. Restaurants are closed for indoor dining, but outdoor is ok. You’ll find some open on Rush Street downtown by the 4 Seasons. Up Down Cigar is the best cigar shop in the city - they have an outdoor lounge that is open. Good luck! Let me know if you have other questions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks [email protected] I am ordering some Kenco labels. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Anyone have a good solution for labeling where and when and box codes on your loose cigars that you would share with me? What do you use? Looking for something that won't damager wrappers that I can hand write on. Also something that won't impart a smell. Will probably bundle quarters in a ribbon or something and label the ribbon, rather than each individual cigar. But sometimes I only have one or two so it would be nice to label individually. My collection is getting large enough that its too hard to keep track mentally anymore. Thank you!
  5. Thanks Bijan - I have a box on the way from that listing too of the Monte 4's. I shouldn't have included that on the list. The 2's and the 5's I got were just quarters, thats what I need the codes for.
  6. Does anyone have the following box codes from October 9th, please? Monte 4 Monte 2 Monte 5 I now know to write them down when placing an order but didn't think to back then. Thank you.
  7. Here is what I am going to do. I’m going to pick out a few NC’s and freeze them. Then I’m going to give them some time to rest in the humidor and come back to it and compare it to one (same box) that wasn’t frozen. Test for myself if I can notice any difference. I wouldn’t want any beetles ruining my fun that’s for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I know the merits of this, but I’m really curious how many of you actually do it? I have never frozen any cigar. Cuban or NC. Those that do it. Do you do it to select cigars? Do you wait until you have a problem? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I know the merits of this, but I’m really curious how many of you actually do it? I have never frozen any cigar. Cuban or NC. Those that do it. Do you do it to select cigars? Do you wait until you have a problem? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. For this weeks review I decided to take another stab at a brand that almost always disappoints me - Cohiba. Grabbed a Silo II and headed outside in the Chicago wind and rain (had a tornado warning last night) to enjoy some unseasonably warm temperatures. I bought this cigar somewhere else (reputable) and do not have a box code. It was rested for a little under 60 days at 65%. I bought two in September and I thought the first one was pretty good, but disappointing for the price (that was after only resting for 10 days). Cigar is in good shape. Decent looking wrapper, colorado color but no real oil sheen. Cut it with a standard cutter and test the draw... It is tighter than I would like but smokeable. Cut a little more off the cap to see if that opens it up. I need to get a Perfect Draw I think. Cutting a little deeper doesn't help so I press forward. The cigar lights up easily. First third Perfect burn from the start and I didn't expect this because I am sitting outside in high wind. Creamy rich smoke and a medium full cigar. Black tea and wet wood/moss flavor. Good flavor. Ash held for over an inch in the wind. 2nd third Even burn continues. Still with the wet wood/ tea flavor. A lingering spicy herbaceous flavor comes in on the back end. Really enjoying this cigar. Final third Burn and ash still outstanding. As it heats up I’m getting a little pepper coming through now. Tea is gone, but wet wood remains. As I get close to the nub it wasn’t as enjoyable as the rest but I can’t pinpoint why. This happens to me regularly and wouldn't hold it against the cigar, only on truly exceptional cigars will I nub them. The hot burn at the end of most cigars really puts me off. Overall I generally haven't enjoyed most Cohiba, and certainly haven't considered them worth the price. The exception to this before had been Medio Siglo, which I loved, but again, not necessarily enough to justify buying a box due to the price/ enjoyment ratio. This cigar did bump up in my estimation from my last experience with it. It went from good to great. I would say it was a solid 85 to maybe 90 point cigar. The 60 days rest really did it wonders compared to the last one I had.
  11. Braving tornado warnings in Chicago outside to smoke a Siglo II on Chicago's last warm day. For Freestyle Review Week - enjoyed this Cohiba more than I normally do.
  12. Great Monte 2 here in Chicago in unseasonably warm weather. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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