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  1. Generally speaking I prefer the e2 and the d4 to the p2 but this guy is outstanding, last third out of this world
  2. Similar experience for me, I’m currently in London and I haven’t been here since ‘19 lots have changed since then, passed by Davidoff yesterday and I was considering ryj noble, probably will go back for it. enjoy the rest of your trip and if you haven’t visited the Havana exchange I highly recommend it ( down the street from davidoff)
  3. Picked up three sticks to try, I’m curious about el laguito 56 custom
  4. I had couple of sticks while exploring London, rass was unremarkable while connie 1 was on point
  5. I’ve tried the qdo senadores after customary 90 day rest period and I wasn’t impressed but few months after that I’ve given it a second chance and it was outstanding…wish I bought more tbh
  6. Thanks ! Our b&m Sales guy keep on telling me go for darker wrappers they’re much better ! My limited experience seems to be the opposite
  7. Epi 2 with ugly light wrapper but taste really good, much better than the oily dark wrapper I had couple of days ago … not sure how the colour of the wrapper effect taste ( if it does ?) if you guys know let me know
  8. First cigar in a week, My taste buds are not back 100% post covid but it was delicious d4 from 2015 box
  9. 3. How (if any) will the HSA announcement change your Cuban cigar purchasing habits. Biggest change would be me not buying Trinidad and Cohiba ( two of my fav Marcas) otherwise I’ll continue to smoke Cubans as I don’t think ncs are comparable.
  10. Lately I’ve been enjoying ryj and this ex 4 is not an exception. I’ve got a single of Churchill that I’m planning to light up tomorrow and compare
  11. @MrBirdman inspired me to sample my 2015 d4 and it’s smoking great ! Thanks man
  12. @Kaptain Karl I hope you feel better soon! I had Covid and tested negative two weeks ago. The last two weeks I had the same issue, all cigars tasted like toasted tobacco but over the last few days I was able to taste the flavors! ( still not back 100% but at least I’m enjoying my mc no 2) Hopefully you will get over it much faster
  13. Nice review I do half a box with a dark oil wrapper from ‘15 that you inspired me to sample !

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