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  1. Yes, the Novedosos are gorgeous. I still have some in custom waiting for clearance and probably will arrive after the holidays.
  2. Not sure if I’m consider to be flipper or not. Always have bought more than I needed but my daily consumption is 5-6 sticks per day.
  3. Time to prepare the cigars with friends for Chinese New Year... Happy Chinese New Year BHK56 ; MES SEP 11
  4. Have no choice but all in during this cc famine
  5. Lucky to have got some but many had been grabbed by my friends
  6. I have about 30 boxes of Talisman from 2017-2019. Worth ? if one can afford, why not ! I do agree the light wrappers taste more Cohiba and the dark wrapper tends to be more LE. However, for a similar wrapper color, I like 2019 more than 2017 personally.
  7. In no particular order BHK56 HUSW Partagas 898 HDM DC HDM E2 Dip 2 SLR R PLG Bolivar Libertador Trinidad La Trova Tried 2 samples this years, Cohiba Novedosos & BHK58 and hope they can be in the regular production list next year.

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