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  1. Variety is the spice of life. I certainly go through periods where I prefer one flavor profile to another or have more/less time available, but try to rotate as much as possible. I am the same with wine, spirits, food. Too much of any one style or size gets me bored very quickly. I can’t fathom picking one brand and size to smoke exclusively, but I’m impressed by those who can simplify things that much.
  2. Love sazerac 6, one of my favorite ryes and always fun to see a wall of it at the Sazerac bar in NoLa. Wish it wasn’t getting so hard to find.
  3. Corona especial for me. From singles so I don’t know the age or code, but I think it was fairly young. Great construction, perfect burn, balanced flavor tip to toe. Haven’t forgotten the honey, hay, creamed coffee yet. Have a few more resting but am thinking I might need a box...
  4. This was a father son trip as well with some family friends. Will be my first time shooting down there and I’m hopeful we’ll figure out a new time for it. Making it a priority. Hope you and your son get a chance to go as well sometime soon.
  5. Had to cancel trip to Japan, shooting in Argentina, and fishing/hiking in Hawaii - will be starting the bucket list right where I left off with those. Hopefully sooner rather than later!
  6. RACC on a damp afternoon after some work this morning. Good construction, perfect burn. A lot of body, full of leather. Not much complexity on this one but it packs a quick punch in a small package.
  7. Love Armagnac, wish it were easier to get the good stuff here in the states. Congratulations!
  8. All that’s left of my afternoon smoke. Wonky burn but delicious. Shame there aren’t more of these belicosos floating around these days.
  9. Sherry finished and lower ABV (no cask strength) tend to be good predictors for pairing scotch and cigars in my experience. I also avoid older whiskies, especially bourbons, as the cigar can bring out more dry wood and oak than you generally want to be focusing on in those older drams. Generally speaking, I’ve had more success pairing rum, cognac, armagnac, and port with cigars. They seem to do a better job emphasizing the sweeter and fruitier notes in cigars for me which tend to be more subtle than leather, wood, etc.
  10. Don’t forget the Toyota luxo barge, the century. Like the lovechild of a Fleetwood and a Maybach.
  11. Triple Crossing Falcon Smash - Extra Fresh
  12. Used to spend a lot of time in the fall and winter chasing them in the Chesapeake Bay. The population down here has been hurt by commercial menhaden fishing. I’ve heard that numbers are increasing but the big fish are still hard to find. Hoping to make use of the curtains and foul weather gear on the boat later this fall if possible.
  13. Have never been let down by Shafer, they seem to make every blend and every vintage work. My experience with Pol Roger has all been with standard NV but always very good. Sounds like you had a good night!
  14. It’s a great design. Just different enough from the standard watch without being too flash. They nailed the blue color as well. I was offered a new version by my AD but prefer the oyster bracelet. The new movement is very impressive though, a big upgrade on that front.
  15. Glenfarclas 12 and Coronas Especiales. Two sippers. Perfect burn, all honey, hay, and a bit of cream. Glad I have more of these laying down.
  16. I enjoy the format. Perfect size for walking the dog, a quick morning coffee, etc. The increased ring gauge gives you a fair amount of flavor with less risk of overheating during a fast smoke.
  17. I’ve never used them for smaller fish but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Cheap enough to pick up a few to try.
  18. Petit Edmundo and Medio Siglos for me. Both have great flavor profiles and can handle being smoked quickly or stretched out if you want to without impacting performance. I’ve also been lucky to have consistently good quality construction on both.
  19. Young Epi 2. Simple, but enjoyable for a leisurely Sunday afternoon read.
  20. Restocking a few daily sippers and some new (old) rum

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