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  1. I live in an area with four distinct seasons and prefer smoking outdoors so my regimen changes. Usually winter is short and strong blends, spring are bigger and lighter blends, summer are short and light, fall are biggest vitolas and any blend. A function of temperature and humidity for me.
  2. Let’s see... Demand - Up, Supply - Restricted, Price - ? It’s been a while since I took economics, but seems to me 3-5% is probably on the low side of what they could push through if they wanted to. It will be interesting to see what happens to the supply/demand picture once the world (finally) opens up again.
  3. As someone with limited RE/LE experience, I’m looking forward to tracking this thread. Seems like a minefield and I’ve avoided spending the coin in the past. Maybe this’ll help me decide I need to splurge on some BR purchases...
  4. @cgoodrich Similar story here. I fell in love with the brand as a kid, my dad was a Porsche fanatic. Was finally able to pick up a ‘14 Cayman at the end of February and have already put 3k miles on the clock. Awesome cars and a fantastic brand.
  5. Monte Especiales and some Plantation XO for Easter, nice combo
  6. Those early Boxsters are fun, they feel like high powered go karts compared to the massive sports cars coming out these days
  7. Week 28 Who Said That Prize arrived in a flash! Putting them to bed for a few weeks before they go up in flames. Thanks again @MoeFOH and FOH!
  8. We can all speculate on the motives or logic on imposing the embargo at the outset, however, the only reason for the embargo in modern day is 29 electoral college votes in Florida. A very small population of voters holds a very large sway over what policies can be realistically pursued by anyone wanting to carry Florida. No one should be surprised that the brief overtures between the US and Cuba under Obama came during his second term and not the first.
  9. I was a consistent Padron and Fuente smoker, along with a few other assorted N.C.s, through college. Senior year I spent a month traveling with good friends in South East Asia and stopped at a LCDH to buy a D4, Petit Edmundo, Short Churchill, and RA Superiores. It seemed like a relatively good cross section at the time and was definitely a splurge. I can still remember exactly where I smoked each one of those cigars and what I thought about them, who was with me at the time and what we were doing. They were great cigars and totally different from what i was used to but even if they weren’t I would still keep them all in the humidor just for the nostalgia and memories.
  10. New Taycan Cross Turismo from Porsche looks fantastic in my opinion. Futuristic design but still practical underneath.
  11. Celebrating the arrival of spring with a lunchtime Med Sig from ‘17. God they nailed this blend. Age seems to add a little sweetness, dark honey, to the mix. Awesome, need more stock...
  12. Thank you! Felt lucky to know the answer and now feel doubly lucky, might need to go pick up a few lottery tickets...
  13. Stocking up on some daily drinkers. Really happy with this year’s Makers Finishing release. Also picked up some Larceny Barrel Proof which seems to be getting a lot of hype.
  14. Stagg has always been my favorite of the hard to get bourbons. I’m a sucker for barrel proof and think that a lot of the super old stuff is overrated in the bourbon world. Nice find!
  15. Not to be repetitive, but would do terrible things for a box of Sir Winston’s... And having been stuck working from home and unable to travel this year I’d love an Elie Bleu Casa humidor for my desk at home. Help me travel mentally while grinding away from home.
  16. Friday’s are for expensive beer and cheap pizza! The Veil never disappoints!
  17. I enjoy it, especially in the fall. Although I would add that I usually prefer a strong and simple smoke for this purpose. Burn through some NCs, especially Nicaraguans, this way. Sometimes it’s nice to have the smoke be secondary and not require constant focus. Adds to the walk but doesn’t distract you.
  18. ‘15 PE. Started with a twang, then all milk chocolate and cream with some clove and cedar coming and going. Perfect burn and good draw. Great post work pre dinner smoke while ignoring Zeta cleanup....
  19. Will do. Usually at this price I head straight to Bookers but have heard good things from friends I trust. Wish this was a barrel strength release but I understand the logic in cutting it to 100 and having more bottles to sell. Finding real value in bourbon these days is getting harder and harder. I remember college days when we could buy Elmer Lee, Weller, McKenna 10, Sazerac 6, all off the shelf and all around $20 a bottle. Scotch is starting to look more and more reasonable..,
  20. Happy that these have been easy to get recently TGIF
  21. This reminded me I need to ask about SP beli’s on the supply thread! Thanks and great review.
  22. Zubrowka is fantastic, one of the only vodkas that I find interesting enough to drink straight or with a big ice cube. As with Armagnac, I wish we saw a bigger supply here in the states. So much of the good stuff stays in Europe for domestic consumption.
  23. Good idea, thanks! Tracking resting period is a tremendous pain, especially the way shipping has been this year.
  24. Real estate PE here. Usually 300-400 but it seems impossible to keep track with the number always moving around (usually growing...)
  25. D4s and petit edmundos. I always have plenty on hand, they are consistent, and everyone likes at least one of those two. For more special occasions, usually Monte 2 or CoRos.

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