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  1. 1) Siglo VI, for whatever that’s worth now. In terms of what’s available today, RA Superiores. 2) Boli PC for me but I think there are a lot of great choices here (party short, RASCC, Monte 4)
  2. I only give out stuff that I would be happy to smoke. Usually pull out a mix of marcas and price points and let them choose. I’ve found that over time it always averages out to the middle of the cost range and it’s nice to let people choose something that suits their eye. People who don’t smoke much aren’t immediately snatching that Siglo VI…
  3. @Kaptain Karl I’m in the real estate PE business and you’re spot on with your inventory comment. People don’t understand that we built next to no housing units for almost 5 years after the GFC. All the while population and household formation still going up. We’re still way short of where we need to be on the supply side for there to be any meaningful price correction. High rent and high mortgage rates suck but everyone still needs a place to live, no one can just sit out of the market because pricing is high. My thought is that the next recession will look much more like the tech crash in 00-01 than the GFC in 08-09 based on where fundamentals are today.
  4. All about your time horizon and capital needs. If you’re retiring in the very near term or have some major expenses coming, cash looks best right now. If you have a mid to long term perspective, I’d start dollar cost averaging in now. If a recession does bubble up late this year or early next year there could be another 15-20% downside on the table. More for tech. But in that scenario the rate cuts and stimulus just start pumping again. Historically speaking, multiples are looking pretty solid right now and any more pull backs would be a strong buy for high quality stocks. The only real unique part of the current market is how much more downside risk there is in bonds. High inflation, rising rates, you’re better off in dividend stocks or real estate than fixed income for the foreseeable future.
  5. Nice timing with the thread posted yesterday. Perfect wrapper shade on these and all consistent. Courtesy of our host.
  6. One of my first memorable CCs was a RAS years ago, still love them. Great size, rich smoke. They have always had a well balanced profile for me with cocao, coffee, and a raisin like fruit note. Smoking time around 90mns. Also, great young and even better aged.
  7. I believe it’s highly dependent on the position and work. Routine task oriented jobs (processing invoices, payroll, basic journal entries, etc.) - doesn’t matter where you are. More collaborative and changing workflows (management, customer relations, investments) are much more efficient in the office with your counterparts and teammates. The real challenge will be explaining to employees why Joe can work from home and John can’t.
  8. Big RG on these but my god what a blend, just kills it. 1.5hr but if it weren’t humid out could’ve gone 2 hr easy. Buttered toast, a little wood and light pepper, some sugarcane, a little of that floral rose water note, rich smoke. Killer.
  9. The Veil never disappoints
  10. Trini Coloniales and Media Luna, Monte Especiales, remember SP belicosos?? Happy I stocked up on some classics back in ‘19 though.
  11. Love a D4. My go-to robusto 2/3 of the time. I haven’t noticed a change in the blend in the last 10yrs but members with longer experience can probably better comment on that. I’ve always found it extremely consistent and reasonably priced for those who want a more savory cigar with some body. For me, they can take anywhere from 50mns to an hour and a half depending on what I’m doing. Also consistently a cigar that smokes well at almost any age which is hard to find.
  12. Last night, first course. Raw scallop, cauliflower mushroom, seaweed, and green garlic peanut sauce. Could’ve eaten 12 of these. Stole the picture from their Instagram because I ate it too fast.
  13. There are some things that the Swiss just know how to do right. Going to have to start referring to the folding chair on my back patio as “the Fumoir”…
  14. Not to beat a dead horse, but the sport doesn’t matter. He could be there to diddle himself on a desert island and it still wouldn’t change the entry and visa requirements for the country. He doesn’t get to come in just because he plays a “socially distanced sport” while others get denied entry. Also, he might be socially distanced on the court but that has zero bearing on what happens the other 22 hours a day while there. Illogical. It’s not about whether or not you agree with the policy (not sure I do), it’s about whether or not it gets enforced evenly.
  15. We’ve just gone back to mostly remote work with omicron spreading fast and everyone coming back from holiday travel and parties. My hope is that within the next few weeks this wave has peaked and we can get back in the office regularly. Sucks, but like a lot of other things in business and life those who are able to adapt best to changing circumstances will be okay.
  16. @MrBirdman this is true for fish as well. The more gently you can get the fish to/in the boat, quickly bleed and get it on ice, the better. Impacts the texture and flavor of the meat.
  17. I discovered Plantation OFTD (ovenproof) last summer from a buddy in the cocktail world. Love it in cocktails and dark and stormy’s with the spiciest ginger beer I can find. Very high quality and fair price.
  18. Hope everyone has a healthy, happy new year! Enjoy some time with friends, family, and a few great cigars!
  19. Good looking examples. Would be fun to put together a few consecutive years releases and sample down the road, almost like a vertical tasting in wine. See how construction and blend have changed with 5-6 box commitment versus 25-30.
  20. Not sure I could pick an all time favorite but here’s a recent favorite
  21. Aretha Franklins Amazing Grace shows in L.A. in ‘72 are so good. I loved the album for years before seeing video and realizing that she was the one playing keys in addition to singing. Great performance. Also, biased by watching the new documentary, but the Beatles rooftop concert is pretty darn great. Nice routine, enjoy!
  22. Santa needs a new sleigh!

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