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  1. Wow. Is this only for today? Which do you prefer out of these?
  2. I really love this one. My closest Cuban dealer recommended this instead of the Epi 2. In my personal taste this is a superb smoke. This is up there with my favourites (P2 and Behike).
  3. My two smokes of the night. Rio Seco was amazing, I think the Epicure Especial is still the best Hoyo. But perfect draw and a lot of smoke. Second smoke of the evening is a H Upmann No2. It is redicously plugged, my frustration maybe can be seen in the cut I have done…
  4. A good P2. One of my favourite smokes. Maybe not as enjoyable in the cold Swedish winter though
  5. As I said, I don’t have the biggest experience. I bought a box of these like 5 years ago and I liked them. I have more to learn, haven’t tried RASS yet.. But as for now I prefer H Upmann and Partagas the most. I need to try Esplendidos, but damn they are expensive. I’m always hyped when I smoke Cohibas and always get like ”meh, this is not worth the money”. E2 is beautiful, so good smoke 👌🏻
  6. What’s your Top 5 of the regular production, aged or not aged? I’m pretty new to cigars in the terms of the amount i have smoked (~150-200). I don’t really understand Cohiba (most of them) and Trinidad quite yet, but I hope I can get there one day. My top 5 is: Partagas P No.2 Cohiba Behike 54 Partagas E No.2 Monte No.2 H Upmann Connoisseur A
  7. Partagas Lusitanias. Box code unkown. Draw is very tight but still a good smoke! Second smoke of the day. Good old Monte 2. Draw is absolutely perfect and the pleasure is just amazing.

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