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  1. Worked a 90 hour week and after finally getting home today figured I'd light up a cigar and relax with a book and some music. As I want to get to bed at some time tonight picked a short smoke - the La Flor De Cano Magicos RE Spain. Picked up a box last year and figured I'd give it a whirl after leaving them resting for year. 1/3 - Leather, earth, pepper and spice. It was a bit rough and I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this one. 2/3 - Smoothed right out! Custard cream biscuits and vanilla. Toward the end of the 2/3 cookie dough and cannoli custard came through. 3/3 - Strength increased a bit. Some notes of cocoa, mint, coffee and almonds and a lot of vanilla. Ended very pleasantly. Total smoking time was an hour and ten minutes. I would put this in the light to medium class. I did originally pour a glass of Jean Fillioux Cigar Club Cognac but it overpowered the cigar easily so I made a cup of coffee and that went brilliantly well. It did the trick for me tonight but I would probably have this as a morning cigar in the future. A few rough spots here and there and I reckon a few more years and this will be great. Again, don't really enjoy the shorter formats as much anymore - as soon as you feel like you're getting started they finish.
  2. For me it's something I enjoy very much and spend way too much time working out what to smoke next and how to afford it. Myself, brother and a couple of mates buy a few boxes each year, and singles of different things to supplement that so the boxes can age, and then we take turns to host dinners, relax after with a few bottles of something nice and catch up and unwind and talk about everything under the sun and sledge each other to high heaven as well as discuss the cigars we're smoking, the industry in general, and then wonder what it would be like if the government dropped the tax to say $40 a kilo (yes pure science fiction who ever heard of a government or politician handing money back). We also smoke on all special occasions like birthdays, baptisms, weddings, job promotions etc. I usually choose something different and special for each one. I have a scrapbook where I keep the band along with some photos of each of my siblings weddings and other milestone moments. Everytime I smoke that type of cigar that memory always comes back to mind. Might be cheesy but its heartwarming and gives the cigar an extra shine. Personally otherwise I dress like a hobo except for work and have general well wearing bourgeoise watches and vehicle. I can only afford one luxury hobby in my life
  3. I've got one and it works great. Also got the colibri v and straight cut in one cutter and that works real well too. For scissors have a pair of the sisuman and eventually want to get the El Casco cutter for when at home. I find acquiring accessories almost as addictive as acquiring cigars!
  4. I'm curious as to what everyone holds out for in terms of purchasing? For instance I love Double Coronas and my dream is to have a few 50 cabs of Lusis, Hoyos and Punch DCs. However I don't know if Punch DCs are still in production in 50 cabs but I know the other two are. I've been tempted at times to splurge on something else but I kept saving and then an online purveyor I trust finally had Lusi's in 50 cabs so I jumped on it. I'm now saving up and waiting for the same for a 50 cab of Hoyo DCs. Is there anyone else in this category? The only other things that would tempt me to jump off the ledge are Cohiba Lanceros, or Punch or Partagas 898s. The other thing I splurge on is a few limited/ regionals if I can find them in singles like the ERDM Kon Tiki and La Reina but a box is a little beyond my means at present. The other thing I'm saving for is a decent temp and humidity controlled humidor (a fortune in Aus if you can even find one). I wish I had the self control and interest to invest in shares or e-currency instead....
  5. I could last 10 - 20 years if needed as I only smoke once or twice a month. But I collect as if I smoked 12 a day 😅
  6. Great review thank you! I haven't tried these as I generally struggle to enjoy a Montecristo but perhaps I need to track one down.
  7. Was just checking to see if anyone owns one of the Corporate Cigar humidors that were sold a year or two ago from Corporate Cigar? I have an option on a second hand one from a bloke who's downsizing but wanted to see if anyone could give a review on how well they work prior to me diving off the deep end? Attached is a link to the original to assist: https://corporatecigar.com/product/corporate-humidor-2000-electronic-cigar-fridge/
  8. They are utterly fantastic. Wish they weren't so hard to find right now.
  9. Hoyo DC EGT NOV 20 Partagas Lusitania SOU NOV 19 Bolivar BF TUA SEP 20 Bolivar PC MSU JUN 19 PL Montercarlo RAT MAY 20
  10. Nice! I've not tried port as a pairing either, must give that a go.
  11. Well that's why I was asking. I know people dry box for a few hours to a day at most but I'd heard two three days you're on the way out. Buying overseas is also the way for Aus. Even if you pay duty you still come out way ahead of buying retail here. Do like all the answers on sizes too. Especially Trappers comment. I usually only smoke once a month or every two months so I concur a long smoke is always the way. But the comment about corona gordas reminds me I need to buy a box of RA Superiores to try.
  12. Thanks for all the responses. So far all the conversation has been quite civil and I'm sure we'll work it out. Although going to NXSCIGAR's response - I've read that even a few days to air leaves a cigar potentially ruined as oils evaporate, which whilst you can re-humidify the tobacco, are lost for good and leave them lacking in terms of flavour?
  13. Have to say I bought a couple of boxes of Trinidad Reyes. It's a meh smoke for me. Fundadores are great and I'll buy those any day of the week but anything else in the line that I've tried (Vigia and Reyes) left me underwhelmed.
  14. Out of curiosity, what is everyone's favourite cigar size, and what is the etiquette for you when buying cigars? When I first started out, way way back in the day, I smoked RyJ No 1 & 2s. I didn't store them correctly at all. I'd just buy several in tubes and they'd sit in a drawer and I might have one now and again but usually it was a special occasion thing. Then I started researching it all, maybe 10 years later. I smoked mostly robusto sizes for a few years. Now I've got a bit of an idea what I'm doing (not an expert by any means) and I find robusto's don't do it for me anymore. Too short and not enough. I've found I've embraced the double corona size. I wish I'd still been buying whilst VR DC's, SLR DC's and BCG were still around. My favourite of those still around is the Hoyo DC but I love all of them. When I smoke it's when one or two mates usually over. We have a three course meal. Break out the coffee, spirits and cigars at the end of that and the conversation and banter flow for several hours and that size keeps up with us. The lancero and churchill also work nicely as well. But anything in the smaller sizes I have I rarely touch as I don't have a social format they work with apart from a morning coffee with a mate now and again. I'd like to have a proper cigar humidor (have been eyeing off the Raching as getting an electric humidor is like finding aladdin's cave in this benighted continent) but rely on the tupperdor for now. On to the etiquette. I generally buy online from overseas in the hope of dodging the tax in Aus. Mostly I get reamed by our communist leaders who are happy for meth and weed addicts to get high on a daily basis at the taxpayers expense but anything that might be a health issue that would lose them votes and taxing to say they're fixing the problem whilst bringing in a stack of money to fund their Christmas party is a no no. Every now and again I get a lucky win against customs. Now my last order was from a reputable retailer and arrived today, after I'd paid the duty on it. Three of the four boxes were vacuum sealed and in good order. The last one the plastic had split and it looked like the cigars had been vaporising for a few weeks and were now dry and flaky. I felt a bit bad but I asked for a replacement box and sent photos saying they're not in good shape. The response so far has indicated I may have a fight on my hands. I'm not sure of my ground but I'm leaning on the it's not my fault they've arrived after 5 weeks in transit with them open to air. Has anyone had a similar issue and how have you handled it?
  15. 2020 Hoyo DC. Just magical. Keep dreaming about when to have the next one.
  16. A couple of boxes of Quinteros Favoritos I bought when I was starting out. Also some Vegueros Tapados. Try as I might I could never like them. Friends do and ask for them so it's not so bad. Was also rather underwhelmed with the LGC Spanish regional.
  17. It was good fun to watch, but I'd have to sell a kidney to even think about bidding 😂
  18. Welcome to FOH! Ah, join us Aussies in a land where the cigar lover is slaughtered by the tax gatherer.
  19. It depends what cigar I'm smoking. My favourite, the Hoyo DC, has a creamy cinnamon the first two thirds which vanishes a lot in the third. Whilst I LOVE the whole cigar that first 1/3 - 2/3 is what I live for.
  20. For me it would be the Diplomaticos Bushido. I had a hiatus on purchasing cigars between 2012 and last year due to just managing life and progressing up the food chain but boy, I would've loved to have managed to try one of those. Sadly six years too late.
  21. Oh righto, sorry about that I'll make sure I don't in the future! Thank you!
  22. After trying this beautiful cigar for the first time I thought I'd take part in this competition. For the last year or so I'd been hunting a box of Hoyo DCs to try and when they showed up on ******** (albeit briefly as they sold out within a few hours) late on a Saturday night after a few drinks, which inhibited any caution, I bought them without further ado and then suffered the inevitable fear the next morning and following days of what would happen when they hit customs (like the rest of us Aussies its not uncommon to pay more in duty than for the box of cigars itself). Anyhow they arrived in beautiful condition and after letting them rest for a couple of weeks, fired one up. The draw at first was quite plugged (I had a Hoyo Rio de Seco a few months ago that suffered the same problem) but a bit of work with a Perfect Draw cured that. 1/3 - Sweet tobacco, plenty of smoke, and a beautiful cinnamon flavour; 2/3 - Just tonnes of sweet creamy cinnamon. I can't remember if it was a Turkish or Lebanese restaurant I went to a few years back but they served complimentary cinnamon tea after the meal and I loved it. It was like this only in cigar form. 3/3 - The cinnamon was only a hint now, but strong chocolate notes with some coffee and almond flake flavours coming through. The tobacco had a very sweet flavour and I smoked it right down til I could no longer hold it. There was a beautiful long finish on these cigars that was sweet, and light and delicate. The next morning I was still smacking my lips in memory. This paired superbly with a glass of Torres Jaime 1 brandy (can get it online at Nicks Wines in Aus) and a cup of coffee (Kenyan single origin from King Carlos Coffee Roasters in Hurstville). The brandy didn't overpower the cigar at all and the sherry notes complimented the cinnamon flavours very nicely. Music wise I had Marillion's "Misplaced Childhood" going on the record player. Love the lush sounds that this band creates with brilliant interplay between keyboards and guitar and the bass and drums always syncing excellently. And full credit to Fish's Shakespeareanesque lyrics, you don't need a book or anything, you just turn this record on and listen. Following this whacked on Rush's "Moving Pictures" followed by the Cowboy Junkies "The Trinity Sessions" to give a soft ending to the night. I hope I haven't breached any policies by stating where I got the items referred to in this review, I know I like to know when someone else says what they're having where they got it from so I can also go check it out.
  23. For all it's worth I was watching Eddie Saharkian of Davidoff of London doing an interview with Kirby Allison the other day and he was discussing how in the early days they had troubles with the tobacco beetle and so lowered the temp of their humidors to 12-13 degrees Celsius and humidity to 65RH and in the process discovered it was brilliant for long term ageing.

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