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  1. I agree, RyJ Churchill is one on my top 3 cigars at the moment. The stuff from 2020 is phenomenal at only a year old.
  2. For cognac I like Delamain Pale & Dry and Jean Pasquet Le'Organic 10. But value for money, Torres Jamie 1 Brandy de Jerez is exceptional. Armagnacs are a winner, especially the Delord and Darroze lineups and Ararat 20 is another stunner though from Armenia this time.
  3. This was certainly the most amusing smoke of August 2021. It was from a new box but as it was cracked all the way to the middle I figured I'd glue it down and see what happened. Well the glue didn't hold, it blossomed like a cuaba on roids, and was a bitter wind tunnel by about half way so I tossed it. But it was the conversation piece of the evening.
  4. Hard pass. I'll come across when there's blue milk and lightspeed. Until then...
  5. Interesting that Montecristo is getting a double corona. That's got me curious.
  6. Hoyo DC EGT-NOV-20 Lusi's SOU-NOV-19 RYJ Churchills TPL-JUN-20 These three have been the best cigars I've smoked in the last year and they'll need a restock soon at the going rate.
  7. For me the Bolivar or the Lancero, merely cause I've not tried them. Otherwise I'd take anything from that list.
  8. Love these reviews. Yet to see a Lancero in the wild, but one day
  9. I've always bought made in japan, or made in germany, never had a bad car yet. Who said the axis powers had nothing to offer?
  10. Stuff around the house and some work from home things. Drinks for a mate's birthday tomorrow which should include lighting up something delightful, can't wait!
  11. Great looking book! I self elected myself "Priest of Cabanas" after reading Kipling's "The Betrothed" years ago 😉
  12. keep us posted on how you go. I'm also in Aus and looking to grab one hopefully by years end.
  13. Working and stuff around the house. Haven't had a social event for a while due to lockdown, restricted "not lockdown" lockdown followed by "lockdown" lockdown.
  14. Do you think this will end up changing the flavours of Davidoff cigars as we know them at the moment?
  15. I wish some of these lines were still with us. It'd be great to have a box of La Reina next to a box of El Rey. I wish Churchills and DCs would come back too. It's exasperating to read what used to be available.
  16. I never get excited about it myself and rarely watch much if any of it. State of Origin on the other hand...
  17. La Flor De Cano RE Spain UTL-ABR-2020 for OYMRW2. https://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/149796-la-flor-de-cano-magicos-utl-abr-19-oymrw2/

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