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  1. Petit 109 would be awesome. Love the 47 ring gauge and 6” puts it in a daily smoke size. Sounds the perfect cigar for golf actually…
  2. Last night was the last night before returning to work. And I really felt like a smoke, I didn't know what. So I began rummaging amongst the boxes and came across this one. I'd had one when the box had arrived about 6-7 months ago and had been very underwhelmed but the aromas arising from the box were so good I pulled one out and fired it up. For the first couple of minutes it was distinctly hay/ grass and a sour flavour and I thought bugger still too young but then it transitioned into a milk chocolate bar that was extremely delicious. Smoked that way until the last third when I also got some buttery notes as well as a very far off hint of a warm croissant smothered with butter and nutella. If these continue to age like this they're going to be incredible. It worked very well with some Starward Tawny Finish and Redbreast Lustau but I mostly smoked without too much sipping as the flavours of the cigar were outstanding on their own.
  3. This was my NY's day smoke. Out of all my DC's I've torn through this box without restraint as they're so good young. The first half was stewed fruits and vanilla which transitioned into a nutty cocoa flavour with some spices. Paired very nicely with some Croizet XO cognac but even better with some Ron Santisima Trinidad rum.
  4. Kraken dark rum has been my favourite for mixing, and dark n stormies especially, after a severe and expensive "research" period a few years ago.
  5. So with the New Year here just curious as to what people were delighted to grab cigar wise/ sad to miss out on in 2021 and what they hope to get in 2022? Personally in 2021 I was happy to pick up a 50 cab of Lusi DCs, couple of boxes of HDM DC's and Monte Especiales, Fundies and CoLa's. Gutted to miss the Monte A's but they showed up the day a flood of bills came in. Also glad to have snagged some N1 and N3s can't wait for them to arrive. In 2022 I would like to pick up some QDO 54's (would prefer the Churchills but unlikely to see those) and some Salomones, either Cuaba or Partagas. If I see Monte A's around or Sancho Panza Sanchos on BR will probably try snag those as sometimes not even double coronas last long enough for our get togethers and I'd just like to try them. On the non cuban front will probably try get a few more Davidoff no 2 and some Late Hour Churchills and probably the N's if they also drop the end of this year. If the N2 releases will definitely get that, love a good figurado. Otherwise the house needs some work done, new fences required and car will need replacing years end. I have to be somewhat responsible with luxuries this year. 😅
  6. Nah all good man, I get its left of centre. But I recently saw him in an interview chatting about books, movies and motorcycles that he loves and his enthusiasm shone through and kinda caught me. I just thought if he caught the bug for cigars he might be just as engaging.
  7. Ah good to know sir, thank you! I had planned on leaving these at the bottom of the humidor for a while too 👍
  8. Happy New Year everybody! Hope you smoked all the cigars you wanted to in 2021 and you find the ones you didn't in 2022!
  9. A few days after Christmas I caught up with one of my best mates and during 2021 I'd picked up a few singles of the out of production St Luis Rey DC (hence the UNK UNK I'm not sure what box code or month). We'd decided Christmas would be the time to fire one up. Neither of us had tried anything from the St Luis Rey line and this was the also the first time we'd tried anything with this much age so we were looking forward to it but no idea what to expect or anything to compare it by. The first inch or so was hard work. It was like smoking a quintero favorito (which is a cigar I decidedly dislike). After that it began to take off. It developed into some lovely peaches and cream with a fair wack of vanilla, almost a vanilla and saffron mousse like flavour. Later on the smoke became immensely flavourful but mild with cocoa, vanilla, some caramel/biscuit and a lot of nutmeg and all spice. An excellent cigar and the draw was perfect. So after lumbering into the air like a 747 we were soaring like a SR-71 by cigars end. Can't wait for some of other cigars that I have down to get some age now. The cigar paired excellently with some Kavalan Soloist Sherry Cask Strength Whiskey and also Glenmorangie Signet. Probably my cigar of the year for 2021. 2022 is going to find it tough to beat this one.
  10. This was my boxing day smoke. I hadn't had a cigar in a month so was very keen to fire one up. The HDM DC is probably my favourite cigar but this one didn't do much for me. It was creamy, cocoa and some light spices but there was none of that sweet cinnamon flavour I love that I got in other boxes and recent San Juans. I was drinking Penderyn Myth with my brother in law, and the whisky and the cigar clashed and I'd just finished a week of night shift which always throws everything out so those may have been contributing factors.
  11. Not doing anything NYE but New Years day will be firing up an RA gigantes after a decent lunch with a few mates.
  12. I started off back in 2009 buying a couple of RyJ No 2's and the like. For a few years up until 2012 I would buy a couple of boxes from a few online sites that happily back in those days would ship in a box that declared it was anything but cigars and would slip through customs without a hitch. I didn't store them properly at all and looking back I shudder but I enjoyed them and it was fun. I switched careers shortly after and as it was back at the bottom of the food chain both position and pay wise so cigars went by the way for a long time. In 2019 I started buying a few singles again here and there and began researching stuff again online. Fast forward to now and I have found that my previously favourite size, the robusto, is probably my least favourite size, and that bigger cigars, which had previously been too much, were now just right or not enough. So I have a full collection of every double corona in production, a few boxes of especial and lanceros and a lot of stuff in between. I also find I really enjoy the toro size. Especially when playing golf. I still love petite corona's and laguito no 2 size cigars, that hasn't changed, and whilst I've always been of the Cuban persuasion for preference I'm more open to trying new world cigars with some being a close second or even preferable to some Cubans.
  13. Funny you should say that about Punch, I've also struggled with the Marca, even though I really did want to like them.
  14. Out of curiosity @El Presidente for the Aussies purchasing, do we pay the tax up front or take our chances with when it hits the country? If it's the latter, may I ask which country they're shipping from please and thanks? I can then work out how likely and by how much it is I'll be fisted by customs when they arrive.
  15. I had a 2021 RA Gigantes which was gorgeous and blew me out of the park taste wise.
  16. 👎 I didn't mind the Davidoff Winston ones with the rest at the top but not a fan of this...
  17. My dad doesn't smoke but he enjoys being around when I do and he was reminiscing just yesterday about when QLD grown tobacco was a thing...
  18. It forced me to get a VPN. I shelled out for it purely to access this website. But it's been good and I've learnt a lot on here. I unfortunately still buy mostly elsewhere where I have a lot more chance of dodging our taxes.
  19. Gold. Would love to try each one. In the words of pokemon, "gotta smoke 'em all..."

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