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  1. Call me a romantic but there is some intangible value in keeping them assuming neither storage nor financial constraints...then if you don’t love them, you get to gift quality to your people when hosting or sharing a good moment. You do love them, you get to enjoy them and still get to gift... so obviously I am a bit of a hoarder, but truth be told if you like other stuff for your daily or future enjoyment selling a box or two of the special ones and rolling the $ onto it is financially sound! Cigar private equity!
  2. Have not seen Genios show up much. Any views on then surfacing triumphally any time soon? Smoking through a 2018 box like everyday is a holiday.
  3. In the current open rotation 1) Cohiba Maduro Genios 2018 box simply delightful 2) Allones superiores from 2016 I am just finding not so delightful at all
  4. I find their videos hilarious and quit funny. I laugh which I think is part of what they are after, aren’t they?
  5. Net of of the present value of the future sale of your premium over stock in BR in a couple years
  6. Fairly random, but I have been thinking about this the whole year+ we have been through COVID and I figured it is a good bench marking opportunity. Work from home / home is work / work is home, endless ZOOM video days with back to back meetings, etc. How has it impacted your cigar routine? Number of cigars, vitolas you pick, times of the day? On my end, I used to be more consistent in my cigar time choices as well as marcas and vitolas. With COVID it has gravitated towards more cigars (as it has happened to many others), more frequent, and definitely more focused in variety in the cigars I smoke. But also, my routine is more variable: Saturday cigar used to be sacrosanct, and now sometimes I skip it and may go through 3-4 days in which i don't feel like or i don't have time to smoke a cigar - at the same time, peak work/stress days like today i am finding myself in the middle of a 3-big-cigar day. Vitola wise, I am also varying it more including bigger/bolder cigars more often but also enjoying petit coronas and marevas more often than i used too. Similarly, I am going over my boxes, moving them, checking them, re-arranging them more often. Has COVID make us all accelerate and push through the stages of our cigar journey faster? The mental break a cigar gives is so much apparent now in this hyper connected while more isolated lifestyle we have endured. Any other personal experiences? Curious to know if anyone has other take or observations.
  7. 50 Cab of Lusis, and with the change a couple of espléndidos or pirámides extra tubos for day 50 and 100. then with the cutter I can always cut the lusis in 1/3 - 2/3 pieces and do morning coffee / after lunch smoke and then have a full cigar for dinner? would not mind either just buying 2 cabs of 50 RASS. Smoke through the first 50 while the others “rest”, there should be some room there for one esplendido I’m day 50 too? 😄
  8. Probably El Pres / others can speak to this, but I see some level of consistency and minimum quality in cigars I buy in Spain different to some other countries where I have purchased. I am not sure if the tier them per market or how the process exactly works. also remember that Altadis was the merger of former government owned businesses in Spain and France and they fully controlled tobacco in Spain, and obviously owned the partner stake in HABANOS SA, which imperial tobacco got via the infamous 22bn merger announced in 07. Some of that Spanish influence is till very present in Habanos leadership if you look at the bios of people involved. If you look it from these lenses it makes sense that back then and with China as a lower force still some sort of channeling of quality happened. Jajaja love it. Morante de la Puebla smokes in between his Toros. He got the latest Tauromaquia edition. I used to smoke lanceros with my father or dalias de montecristo. Good times, though bullfighting in my town is tier 2 and usually rains...mostly for show.
  9. Would suggest looking into Tag Carrera and Omega Speedmaster. Not the most original choices but both should be in your price range, are automatic which in my view whenever you start spending ‘000s + is a must, have timeless design, flawless look for casual or formal, can go for leather or metal belt, and regardless is fantastic, and your kids will inherit them and still love them too. just need some digging to find the right design below 3 grand but can be done.
  10. Not a full perspective, but I can tell you my personal experience being born and raised in Spain, Asturias; land that give birth to García y Menéndez, Allones, to name a few cigar entrepreneurs due to important migration to Cuba in the 1800s / early 1900s and agricultural tradition among others (see Centro Asturiano de La Habana) - I know I am like a broken record with Asturias, but I have taken on the mission to compete Jose Andres the unofficial ambassador of Asturias title so please allow me the license 🤪 To the experience point: A story I have been told many times is how my grandfather and my relatives would all gather in the maternity wing waiting room smoking 898s awaiting for the family newborns and gift some celebration cigar to doctors and nurses, this continued until they banned it In the 90s. I grew up in cigars, seating at the family table enjoying cigars after meals from a fairly young age. High school dinners with friends we would have all have a cigar sneaked out our fathers’s humidors and pretend we were big guys with the pacharán and the cigar doing the after dinner tertulia, Sunday football game you would see people with cigars in the stadium, cigars in the bullfighting, cigars in the restaurants, cigars in every gathering essentially and every restaurant and hotel would have a proper humidor with a generally good selection. Across neighborhoods, elders would smoke few Farias a day gathering in the cafeterias to play cards or whatever If the pension did not allow for habanos, weddings is tradition the mother of bride brings some fine cigarettes and the father of the groom brings puros for all, etc. I am 3rd generation alive now in the family, but few years back I would be in the table in summer or Christmas with my great grandfather and his brother, my grandad, my father, and uncles and cousins all smoking cigars. When I misbehaved my grand dad would seat me down and talk to me and give me a Monte 4 or so to give me the big talk (great memories). what we don’t have is the culture around the cigar I see in other countries, mainly Anglo of understanding the product as a consumer in full detail, and so. People just smoke puros for the most part. It’s utility value more than anything else as well as tradition. Now it is declining vs past generations, there is no question. But still is fairly common to see the occasional cigar across generations and still all key celebrations have cigars part of them. Not sure for how long though. I always tell my wife when we land and Barajas and exit the terminal Spain smells like olive oil, garlic and tobacco (mainly cigarettes to be honest), which I kind of find fairly comforting for the most part. the market is structurally different also as it is still a government controlled monopoly essentially through the estancos, which is pretty archaic as a system but works generally ok. I think this also has some influence on volumes. And then obviously tourists. There are some massive estancos in areas like Marbella, Malaga, Costa Brava, Alicante, etc. that probably sell 80% to the UK (mostly), other vacationers / retirees who then bring it back home.
  11. I cracked opened this box yesterday. I purchased it from our host around October 2020. Code TUA FEB 2020. I have kept them in my cooler at ~67% RH and around 18-20•C It was my first ever libertador. Usually don’t go for this thick gauge. I have to admit I was impressed by the cigar. It was absolutely hands down fantastic across all dimensions. I’m looking forward to smoking another in a couple of months.
  12. Look outstanding. I need to practice my scroll/skim/input box name/hit enter skills. Need to lower it all down to +/- 15 secs to get a couple of these bad boys! 😆
  13. Not in jest, just find their whole scoring thing “misleadingly” accurate. I am saying that mathematically it is sound that most of their reviews rate the cigars they smoke as “average”; it’s just logical that cigar scores would follow a Gaussian distribution (not necessarily I am saying this is on purpose, but the important thing is they are there). Their bias however is that the average Cuban cigar, smokes better than the average non Cuban (maybe this is my, and many others’ bias here). Hence the average for their distribution of scores should be different for NC than CC and you should see higher average performance scores for the latter....etc. In the picture the horizontal axis would be the scores and the vertical the number of cigars sampled. The dotted distribution would be Cubans with an average performance higher than NC following my example (maybe we are biased). If using one single bell curve (an absolute mean point for all cigars), then Cubans surely should be performing consistently towards the ~16% of great and outstanding performance and that would make me question again their scores. 1CF346D7-CF59-4763-A7C4-2F5A3418D89C.webp
  14. The terrace of the Hotel St Regis is expensive but incredibly nice and they have a good small selection.
  15. Interesting. I think you are referring to a sigmoid (S) curve more than asymptotic (S, has a max / saturation point) which is derived from a normal distribution and is mathematically probably the best way to score cigars, and many more really. The only problem that we have is that cigar rating is subjective and not sure we were able to define the standard deviations off the mean that make a cigar unforgettable vs excellent vs bad vs terrible. And what a standard deviation, or the mean itself looks like. So an A+, A,...D...would work great and I can see saying something was a B+ less arbitrary than saying a cigar was an 88. At the end of the day, we would still only be seeing ~2.1% of Fs and ~2.1% of As. Maybe this is the system the half wheel guys use for Cubans after all and that’s why they basically rate all as average performers (mathematically ~68% of cigars) jajaja 🤪
  16. However there are some of them I think have a lot of appeal: either smoke great and you enjoy and have a special treat to offer a friend or two after a good meal, a colleague, a client...or they don’t and you sell them after a couple of years (or keep gifting).
  17. Interesting review, i have seen them all over the place. I have two boxes of this. Should i pop them open or lay down and BR when appropriate? 😃
  18. Trinidad Reyes. And you will continue to smoke it as you grow into larger and stronger formats. Such a great cigar.
  19. Echoing most of first dose experiences. Had it yesterday, Pfizer (Javits center in NY is like being in the middle of an epic movie) . Headache since yesterday, kind of flu-ish symptoms today. I took some paracetamol and I am smoking a petit Edmundo from @Elpresidente to try to recover! Will report back.
  20. Nada igual, con cachelos mejor. Y con un culín de sidra o una conca de Ribeiro ya para retirarse!

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