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  1. My weight has yoyoed most of the month down to 128.5kg at the lightest. My wedding is at the end of May so really going to step things up.
  2. Love the idea of this competition! Great motivation. This is the heaviest I've been, good luck everyone!
  3. I’ve read and heard that cigars out of 50 cabinets are far better. Is this just an urban legend or is there some validity to it?
  4. R&J wide churchill may be quite good or a RASS. Cherry / fruit notes I think would go quite well with Islay malts. Oban Distillers Edition 2018 & a 10 year aged H.Upmann No.2 is a pairing I had recently and was next level.
  5. I enjoy watching them to be honest, its all light hearted fun. They joke about the "ancestral hovel" whilst sitting in a flat etc. I just see a father and his two sons trying to have a bit of fun during lock down.
  6. Is it possible to request a PSP box directly or do I have to wait for it to appear on 24:24? Thanks for your help
  8. I'm very sorry to hear this, my thoughts are with you and the family.
  9. Consistent Smoking Enjoyment. 1. Hoyo Epicure No.2 2. RASS 3. Montecristo Leyenda Best value (bang for buck) 1. Vegueris Mananitas 2. RyJ Petit Royales 3. Montecristo Media Corona Your best smoking experience of 2020 1. Hoyo Epicure No.2 2. H.Upmann No.2 3. RyJ Petit Royales

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