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  1. The local goverment is probably aware of this scam and the top guy gets his cut.
  2. That was very impressive how you found him in such a short time!!! Hey, I'm trying to locate Jimmy Hoffa, former President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Can anyone help me with his whereabouts???
  3. I'd tie him in a chair and make him watch reruns of The View till he goes insane.
  4. Ken, Have you ever made a mistake and articulated a dumb statement? I assume you are referring to the "it was just a dust up" comment? I don't think it was provocative. Dumb yes, inaccurate big time. But does that inappropiate statement warrant $100,000 out of the man's pocket? I totally agree with all of your other comments regarding the team. This total annihilation of people and their livelihoods for some benign or a little over the top comments is out of control. People are walking on eggshells today. Just look how the mob came for Dave Chappelle.
  5. My God only Tom Brady and Robert Kraft will be able to afford them.
  6. I think my Bengals had a solid draft. Almost all picks were defense. They shored up the offensive line earlier this year with 3 free agents.
  7. I bet you'd pay 10,000 a month just to clean the windows.
  8. Definite 10. "Hey, I don't want my brother coming out of there with just his dick in his hand".
  9. Nothing better than firing up a swisher sweet and the smell of naplam in the morning.
  10. Born and raised in Cincinnati. Up until the mid 80's Cincy had a huge manufacturing base. Cincy had a significant German population in the 19th and early 20th centuries. With the German high standards in manufacturing Cincinnati was a major center for producing quality steel/metal products.
  11. I think Tom Brady was instrumental in getting it to you. LOL
  12. You can fire one up as you watch and enjoy Tom Brady's retirement conference.

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