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  1. With people that I know will really be able to appreciate the cigar - about the same as normal. Many of my best cigar smoking experiences were when I was smoking with someone else. Shame to let money get in the way. For those that I'm not sure about, NCs and cheaper sticks (e.g. HUHC).
  2. I bought some Davidoff Grand Cru No. 3s in late 2020. When I smoked the first one in spring 2021, it tasted like a light cigarette to me - almost no flavor . After resting for another year I found that it had developed a nice profile. More recently I purchased a Davidoff 2022 LE. Had a lot more body than the first Grand Cru I smoked, but same sort of thing where it didn't really have much of a profile. I would hope, especially given the $34 price, that they would improve over time.
  3. Trello is a pretty good place to start since it's free and pretty basic (which is good if you don't find yourself missing features, because the big tools like Jira and Asana tend to be unwieldy).
  4. Might be worth a try on these
  5. Finally tried an Oliva Melanio after dragging my feet on them. Nice solid cigar. Also picked up an Illusione hl (original documents lancero), really looking forward to trying it. Smoked a Davidoff 2022 Limited Edition last week. Decent cigar, not great. I'm starting to feel like Davidoffs really need time down or special treatment storage wise. Best one I've had is one that I had in the humidor for about 18 months. Everything that I've tried from the store or shortly after purchase has just been okay.
  6. Neat! Any chance of doing a small sampler rather than 25 or 30 for those who just want to test them out?
  7. Most cigars (short of something super light like a Davidoff) give me a nicotine buzz. I always try to have a full meal before smoking to avoid getting sick. I've never really found there to be a huge nicotine difference between NCs and CCs like a lot of people though. I think something like a Siglo IV is just as strong as a Padron Maduro. Funnily enough one of the last times I got really sick was off of a Trinidad Reyes!
  8. Anyone know anything about ARS 21? My understanding that ARS from 18/19 turned into BSM in 20. Not sure if it just went back to ARS or if it's a different factory. Haven't seen any impressions of ARS 21 cigars.
  9. Okay these are cigarettes, but I thought the vibe fit right in here: Anyone ever find any decent reproductions of prints like these? I've been looking around but haven't found much. Absolutely love the first ones El Presidente posted in the thread.
  10. Second on Hamilton 151. Here’s a little document about it by the creator:
  11. Sounds like a typical NYC experience 😉. I have had pretty good experiences with the staff at the Davidoff store on 57th street. Never smoked in there but seemed like a comfortable lounge.
  12. Interesting to see all these experiences! I'd say Colorado. Pretty dark but definitely not Maduro.

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