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  1. Thanks, I figured as much. I’m definitely going to try this one again the next time I get a chance.
  2. I purchased this cigar as a single last year, so I’m not sure how old it is or the box code. I have to start off by admitting that this cigar was not that enjoyable; but I think it’s still worth putting my thoughts down since even negative results can be helpful. There wrapper is a smooth Colorado, but with some splotching. The dry aroma is a sweet hay and the draw is very loose for a Cuban. At first I was quite impressed; I got cookie dough on the draw and a nice long finish. There was quite a bit of pepper, and I felt that pop rock tingle on my tongue and gums. Unfortunately, this profile didn’t last long and things took a bit of a turn for the worse. About half of an inch in, I started getting a very bitter flavor accompanied by a finish that was a bit like ammonia or paint. The bitterness lasted until about an inch in, and then came back sporadically for the remainder of the smoke. I wonder if an under fermented leaf being backfilled throughout the vitola is to blame for the sporadic bitterness. Trying to put the bitterness aside and judge the rest of the cigar, I did notice a transition about halfway to vegetal and dry peanuts. Again, this was interspersed with the ammonia bitterness, but hey, whatchagunna do? The final third had another transition, but this time to a singular earthy tone, with a significant strength pickup. The final smoke time was just under one hour. My experience with this cigar was actually pretty informative. At first, when I started getting the bitterness and ammonia, I thought that simply meant the cigar was a bit young and in the middle of a “sick period”. A bit of searching on the forum taught me that likely wasn’t the case, and that I was unfortunate enough to get a bad single. There’s a lot of great info to be found buried in the forums here, sometimes you just need a bad cigar experience to go searching for it. Also a tip for my fellow newbies: buy at least two of a single so you’ll have a backup in case you get a bad cigar. I’d rate this cigar mild to medium in flavor, and light in strength, but with a big strength pickup near the end. I like to use a one to five scale to rate cigars: 1 - would not smoke again; 2 - would smoke again; 3 - would buy singles; 4 - would buy a box; 5 - go deep on boxes. I would rate this cigar a 3: even through the bitterness I could detect some enjoyable flavors like cookie dough and peanut, so I think I’d really like this cigar normally, and it’s worth another shot.
  3. I generally smoke on my porch, so here in Virginia, January through the end of February was a bit too cold to smoke a cigar IMO. I could bundle up enough, but my cigar wrappers tended to split or crack easily, even with dry boxing or acclimating outside, so I just switched to a pipe for a couple months.
  4. I smoked occasionally during college, mostly altadis brand maduros (I know..) but hadn’t really touched a cigar for several years, mostly since I quite cigarettes cold turkey and wanted to try to stay away from all tobacco. Fast forward to last summer during lockdown. Bored out of my mind, my wife and I were watching the sopranos.. I guess watching Tony smoking in the intro enough times got to me.. I just said screw it and bought some non Cubans online from one of those big box American cigar retailers. as far as getting into Cubans, that was by accident, funnily enough. Both of my brothers ended up getting married during lockdown and we couldn’t be there for either of them. I decided that I wanted to try to get my hands on a culebra to smoke with the two of them when we eventually got back together. Of course, I could only find Partagas Culebras for sale anywhere. That experience led me down quite the rabbit hole. Those culebras are still waiting in my cooler for the next time my brothers and I get together. However, they now have several boxes of friends to keep them company in the cooler.
  5. The finish was creamy with that slight cherry. It was a great cigar; I didn’t nub it but ok it well beyond the band. Thanks!
  6. I got this cigar last summer as a single from our gracious host. I’ve only had one other Romeo y Julieta, a Churchill, but I was brand new to cigars, especially Cubans, so I am going into this one fairly blind. The wrapper is a beautiful Colorado, not quite rosado, and the only real issue is a rough cap. The cold draw and foot are both a sweet hay. Draw is perfect, almost loose for a Cuban. To me, most Habanos have a distinctive creamy nougat aroma, and this is no exception. Now, I know cherry is a common flavor profile for RyJ, but I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical; I have more experience with non Cuban cigars, and I feel like every non Cuban flavor profile is some combination of pepper, cream, wood, and maybe leather. Anyway, about half of an inch into this Short Churchill and, with an audible “Holy S**T!”, I could taste the cherry. The cherry flavor grew through the first third and continued until the end of the second third. After the second third there was a marked transition from cherry to a peppery vegetal with a nice creamy finish. Again, coming from non Cubans I was not ready for such a distinct transition in flavor. I’d rate this cigar mild to medium in flavor, and light in strength, but with a big strength pickup near the band. I was really surprised to pick up cherry, and I enjoyed the noted transition in flavor. I like to use a one to five scale to rate cigars: 1 - would not smoke again; 2 - would smoke again; 3 - would buy singles; 4 - would buy a box; 5 - go deep on boxes. I would rate this cigar a 4: I’m not generally a fan of robustos but I did really enjoy this smoke and I’ll probably buy a box at some point.
  7. I know a few folks like that who became police after graduation. Glad I moved away.
  8. I have a box of 54s I got from 24:24 last summer.. I’ve been looking for an excuse to try one (haven’t had any of this marca before). VVRW1 may be just the occasion I was looking for. Thanks for the great review.
  9. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the vendor? I’d love to get my hands on one of these, thanks!
  10. Sancho Panza non plus. First time with this marca; got in a singles order a while back. Also was my first successful attempt at the “Cuban Cut” (excuse the surgery hole from my perfect draw).. may not be as classy as Pres but we have to aim for something in life haha!
  11. I joined the forum last summer but have really just been lurking since then. I decided it was time to come and say hello & introduce myself. I smoked the occasional cigar back in my military days, but I really got into the hobby last year. Since I’m in the US, I started out by stocking up on loads of NC cigars, and while there are some good cigars in my NC collection, I’ve got far too many DR montes that I know I’ll never touch.. you live and learn. I’ve since been growing my Cuban collection; I really like Por Larrañaga Montecarlos, HdME2, and Montecristo no 3, but I’m still looking to expand my palate and try different marcas & vitolas. Anyway, I’ve been impressed with the knowledge and camaraderie I see here, so I’m looking forward to learning more and having a great time with this hobby. Cheers, Will

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