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  1. Just got a couple ‘20 display boxes of these. I know I should let them rest a few months but I’m very tempted to break one out now lol.
  2. I got this tubo as a single last summer. I’ve only smoked one other Punch before, a Punch Punch, and wasn’t too impressed, so I’m admittedly not expecting too much going into this review. The wrapper has a rustic look and feel, somewhere between a Colorado and rosado, with a light sweet smell. Draw was a bit snug, so much so that it needed some help with a draw poker. The first third started out a bit muted; the aroma is much stronger than the flavor on the draw or finish. Overall I’d still rate this as medium body. About half an inch in the flavor really started to open up. The aroma became more sweet and hearty, while the draw and finish were earthy and meaty with a distinct mushroom note. The rich sweet aroma continued into the second third, but there was a noted transition to stewed or baked fruits on the draw and finish, with a light saltiness coming and going. There was another transition around the last third, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the previous one. Just before the band, all of the flavor and aroma suddenly became muted and nearly disappeared. At first I thought the tree pollen had finally gotten to me and nuked my palate, but even my wife, who’d graciously taken a puff or two earlier and identified similar notes, couldn’t pickup anything. Maybe the Torceador missed half a leaf of seco or ligero on the backfill, maybe I pulled out that tiny bit myself with the draw tool, or maybe the pollen managed to start affecting my wife’s palate at the exact time as mine. Who knows.. either way this cigar was fairly complex and enjoyable for the first two thirds, but the last third was so muted I couldn’t really tell if I was smoking anything. I like to use a one to five scale to rate cigars: 1 - would not smoke again; 2 - would smoke again; 3 - would buy singles; 4 - would buy a box; 5 - go deep on boxes. I would rate this cigar a 2: I did enjoy the first two thirds and this was a pretty unique flavor profile, so I’d definitely smoke this again; I’m just not sure if I see myself buying any outside of a sale or some other deal.
  3. Been thinking about pulling the trigger on a box of these. Thanks for the great review.
  4. I remember wondering why they had wrestling mats setup in the room when they brought us in for mass vaccinations.. then my buddy passed out after the 7th or so shot and went face first into the ground hahah.
  5. Great review. I just got my first cab of these, so I may break one out in a couple months, but I’ve read everywhere they seriously shine at five years or so.. so I’ll be forgetting about the cab for a while as well.
  6. And I was worried about 14 degrees being too cold haha. Thanks for the tips. I’ve read through the RH guides & threads here from PigFish and others and was trying to make sense of where I fall at 16° 62% (too wet or too dry). Either way I’m impressed so far with the burn performance and flavour I get at those numbers, and my bovedas seem to last forever to boot! Thanks for the help.
  7. Are those the avg temps inside your cooler or the ambient in the room? I keep my coolers in my basement, and the insides can drop to around 14c at the coldest points of winter. I use 62 and 65 bovedas for my Cuban and new world coolers respectively. The more I think about it, I probably wasn’t resting the cigars that gave me problems enough. They were new world cigars that probably arrived either too wet or too dry and didn’t have enough rest time. Oh well.. by now my stash has grown enough that I can let things sit for some time before diving in haha.
  8. That’s interesting. I can see how stronger cigar may be better in the colder weather and milder better in the heat, from a flavor perspective. I actually had a go at pipe smoking this past winter (when it got below 5 Celsius consistently) because I was having loads of burn and splitting issues with the cold temps even when I tried acclimating the cigar.
  9. Life is short, so are lunch breaks.. even when you’re working from home. I know my Cuban cut is rough, but I love when there’s a nice divot under the cap. EBM Jul 18
  10. United cigar.. these are the cigar authority folks who tried to claim a Siglo VI was exactly the same as a DR Cohiba red dot.
  11. Same here, I’ve always got a tab with CCW open. Would definitely buy the book as well.
  12. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer hires a bunch of Cubans that turn out to be Dominicans, who end up rolling crepes too tight.
  13. Spring is going into full effect where I live. The high pollen count can do all kinds of crazy things to me beyond the normal itching and sneezing. I’ll get pressure headache and nausea if I spend too much time outside during the high pollen days. I’ve also found that seasonal allergies can sneak up on you; my wife was never effected by pollen, but after a few years living in the area it started to effect her as well.
  14. Nice review. You had a much better experience with yours than I did. I got a dud, but my fault since I didn’t buy more than one single to try again. Your review gives me hope lol. I’ll have to get my hands on some more singles soon.
  15. I’m sure I’ll get some grief for this one, but here we go.. I first started smoking cigars back in college. At this point Habanos weren’t really even on my radar; as far as I knew the Altadis branded RyJ or Montecristo were the only RyJ or Montecristo. Anyway, some way or another I ended up smoking the Rome y Julieta Reserve Maduro quite regularly. I’m sure the dark maduro wrapper made college me feel like quite the badass.. oh how the tables have turned. Fast forward about a decade, when I first started getting back into cigars, I ordered a bunch of these from one of those big box American cigar retailers. My journey down the rabbit hole of Habanos began soon after, but that’s another story. Long story short, I have a bunch of these taking up space in a non Cuban cooler and I decided it was worth a revisit since it was once a veteran of my cigar lineup. Now, I guess the reason I gave you a food blogger level intro is because there just isn’t that much to write about this cigar. I go back to smoke non Cubans every now and then, but I’m honestly becoming less and less impressed. I rarely notice flavor transitions, and the notes I do pickup are usually some combination of chocolate, wood, or leather: not the most complex or original. In a lot of ways I compare the non Cuban, or American, cigar market to the IPA market. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great IPA beers out there, but there are so many new micro or craft IPA brands out there that I feel like any hipster with a garage and some spare time is trying to market their ‘unique’ beer. What I’ve found with the beer is that, more often than not, folks will just try to create some hop bomb that has no real complexity other than ‘intensely hoppy’ flavor, and they use that intensity to hide the fact that they really just have a mediocre beer for sale. I think the American cigar market suffers from this big time; in the states we are inundated with boring cigars that lack complexity or transitions, but we keep buying into the bravado marketing of “bold intense strong flavors” when we are really just buying a mediocre product with a maduro wrapper to try to hide the low quality filler and binder. Sorry.. I ranted again, and even longer this time. Lets talk about the cigar. The maduro wrapper is dark and dusty feeling, there’s a nice baking cocoa from the foot and cold draw is.. nothing, maybe some hay. The draw is loose, probably perfect by non Cuban standards. This cigar is very smooth and very mild, probably too much so. It’s almost to the point where you cant tell you are smoking something. As far as flavor, it is earthy, there is maybe some wood or leather, and a slight coffee taste on the short finish. It’s a bit more acidic than regular coffee, like French press coffee that’s been left too long before straining. About an inch in there was a bit of a strength jump, and some tingling on my tongue ang gums, but that went away pretty quickly. And that’s about it; there was no real transition, just those straightforward and muted earthy tones. Cigar smoking is a real learning experience, so I expect to make some mistakes throughout my journey. I’m not mad that I spent a lot of time and money amassing a collection of mediocre non Cubans that I’m probably never going to smoke; that’s just part of the learning experience. Maybe I’ll start handing them out more liberally once this pandemic is over and we can start getting together again, maybe I’ll hold onto a few just to go back every once an a while, like I did here, and try something that I used to love. If anything, I appreciate my Habanos much more after smoking something like this. I like to use a one to five scale to rate cigars: 1 - would not smoke again; 2 - would smoke again; 3 - would buy singles; 4 - would buy a box; 5 - go deep on boxes. I would rate this cigar a 1: I don’t think I’d smoke this cigar again. Like I mentioned previously, I think I’ll still hold onto a few that I do have to try again maybe somewhere down the road.. but I don’t have any short term plans to break this guy out again.

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