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  1. Mine are also returning PL Gran Robusto 2017.
  2. Uh oh.. I’ll go check my box and return with an update.
  3. MM&SRW Prize. Thanks so much to @El Presidente & the crew for such an amazing and generous prize!
  4. I’m a sucker for tin packaging lol. Also pleasantly surprised by the date on these RGPCs.
  5. I use a Bonavita variable temp goose neck and a digital scale. My pour over is a chemex knockoff from amazon, the grinder is an electric conical burr (also amazon knockoff) but I did order a baratza encore which I’m very excited about.
  6. Wow thanks so much! And to think I was worried my chances were ruined as I’ve only been able to do one review this weekend since my kid brought some virus (not covid) into the house and we’ve been under the weather the last couple of days haha.
  7. Aladino Corojo Elegantes, unknown, Pour Over Coffee & Irish Tea (MM&SRW)
  8. Two things I’ve recently been getting into are pour over coffee and corojo tobacco. There’s this distinct flavor I’ve mentioned in my other reviews that I’m always chasing: something like almond oil or molasses. If there is any truth to the claim that the Eiroa corojo is as close to pre blue mold Cuban tobacco as you can get in America (which I obviously take with a huge grain of salt), then this flavor note is what’s got me sold. In Habanos, I get that molasses & almond oil from Bolivar and occasionally Partagas, and to me Honduran Corojo provides a less tangy, more barnyardy version of the same note. As for the pairing, I mentioned before that I recently got into pour over coffee; I’m still working on my technique (e.g., grind size, water temp, ratio), but I am able to identify some of the more dominant notes. I decided to give the El Gallo Breakfast Blend from Intelligentsia Coffee a try; it’s advertised notes include citrus, stone fruits, and caramel. I think these advertised notes would go great with a PLPC or PLMC.. but that will be for another review. I also decided to pair the cigar with black tea, specifically Barry’s original blend, a crisp Irish breakfast tea with malty notes. The cold draw is a straightforward tangy tobacco. The coffee is sweet and zesty with a bit of caramel. Upon lightup the signature corojo flavors of almond oil and molasses are there, but a bit muted. The finish is a bit short and the retro is very light. About an inch in these flavors pickup in intensity and the retrohale gets a bit spicy. I’m also noticing a stone fruit on the finish. I think the flavors of the coffee match well with those of the cigar, but they are more intense and frankly overpower the cigar. About halfway through I switch from coffee to tea, which I immediately think is a better pairing. The tea has a malty twang with a crisp finish; very refreshing and not at all overpowering. Instead of matching the flavor notes of the cigar, I think it complements them. As for the cigar, a light cocoa note makes a short appearance about halfway through and the flavors lighten a bit while the aroma picks up. By Cuban standards, this is a solid medium body smoke, but I think it’s mild to medium among non Cubans. I like to use a one to five scale to rate cigars: 1 - would not smoke again; 2 - would smoke again; 3 - would buy singles; 4 - would buy a box; 5 - go deep on boxes. I would rate this cigar a 3: There is something missing from this blend; it feels like it’s missing some punch or bite. I heard there is more ligero added to the larger ring guage vitolas, so I’m eager to try them out.
  9. Congratulations! My toddler usually only lets me get away with a petit corona before she needs to come sit in my lap and reinforce that she’s the center of attention
  10. Is it possible that 10 condes is a literal translation to “10 count” and it’s a ten count dress box of Mille Fleurs, Belvederes, or Excepcionales?
  11. From Wikipedia: “An innovation in antimicrobial surfaces is the discovery that copper and its alloys (brasses, bronzes, cupronickel, copper-nickel-zinc, and others) are natural antimicrobial materials that have intrinsic properties to destroy a wide range of microorganisms.” I imagine that, whether anyone knew the chemical reasoning at the time, they noticed that mold didn’t seem to grow on copper and so it was a good choice to insulate humidors.

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