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  1. Smoked one earlier this week that I got maybe towards the beginning of the year. It was a very ordinary NC that I have no interest in trying again. If I can get it for a few dollars then maybe I'd stock them to be yardgars? Smoking a comparable priced Fuente hemmingway signature right now and they're worlds apart.
  2. Do you recall seeing any fakes in any of the Ibiza shops? Besides the glass top boxes, I don't know bands well enough the spot them. As is, I would probably only buy non-cohiba regionals or cheap smokes that no one would fake.
  3. Was just in Italy - fincato in Rome only had Edmundos for bigger non cheap cigars. Noli in Milan only had especial 2s by the box. Def bring your own!
  4. I'm of no help but I am going to Ibiza in a few weeks so if someone chimes in, I can let you know how the shops are!
  5. Only have had young ones, but they've been great! Feel they could use a little sweetness though, all mine haven't had a sweet/creamy note. Espresso and bready notes are what I got
  6. D6 on a beach in Monterosso al Mare in Cinque Terre, Italy
  7. Don't check my humidor too often unless I'm rearranging or making big changes in the way I'm storing them - changed all my bovedas to 69s in my coolidor recently as the 65s would average out to 60, and I'd prefer my humidity to be closer to 65. I'll be moving stuff from the coolidor to the wineadors soon, so I'll monitor it daily after I make the move until it settles out. Somewhat good at tracking my cigars as I'll log when I get it. Might log when I smoke one but not too worried if I forget. I also pretty much only buy from FOH so verifying authenticity isn't high on my list of priorities. I really only check for mold and damage when I get new cigars in. Smoking - it's either detailed notes with the use of the flavor wheel and pics or just chilling with no notes/pics of any kind.
  8. Love em, Party short is probably my most smoked cigar. Beats all the other cigars that fall into the PC category. Never had an aged one. Takes around 40min to smoke
  9. Always enjoyed Cohiba cigars and if were up to me, my humidor would be full of em! If anything I try a lot of different cigars in order to try to replicate the Cohiba experience at a discount. Anyhow, give it a clip and unfortunately it's a little tight. Couple pokes with the Perfecdraw and the draw is okay still not great. 1 - Immediately rewarded with a nice smooth soft smoke texture that begs to be retro-ed. Flavors initially are hints of lemongrass with a cocoa bready overtone. As I get through the first 3rd, the lemongrass intensifies and takes over. Then towards the end, the lemon and cocoa bread alternate until the 3rd is over. Great start to the cigar! 2 - Starts off with a lemon pastry note that continues for a bit. Starting to puff a little fast and have had to deal with a few relights so the cigar is getting a little muddled and dirty. I purge and the lemon cake is back before going to a generic lemon tobacco note. Smoke is still really smooth and I'm retroing all of it! Draw and burn has taken a step back and it's uneven and I'm relighting a bunch now which is a shame. 3 - Last third had a bunch of relights and purges as the cigar has gotten real dirty. Occasionally after a purge - I get that lemon tobacco note back which is great. Overall - 7/10 - Sure it ended on a mediocre note, but the first half was good enough that it scratches that itch if I want a good cigar! I have had corona gordas that have been as good as a siglo IV, but those are outliers, while these are consistently great! Trust me, I'd prefer to like the JL1 or Punch Punch better...but no that's not going to happen. If I was rolling in the dough these IV's would be the only corona gordas I'd smoke!
  10. Didn't really have much interactions with Mike, but he was one of the forum regulars that make this forum great. Smoked a Sir Winston in honor of Mike RIP
  11. Amp Nov 21 Only need a box of Siglo iiis and maybe a box of fuerzas to round out my collection now!
  12. Just had the rosado lancero and...yea they're not ready. I can get hints of what it'll be and I'm excited, but they're not there. If this is their final form then not a fan and would not buy again. Right now the maduros have more going for them, but also still not ready. Prob won't smoke another nudie for a year

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