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  1. Are the Nudie's released on 24:24? I haven't seen them at all, Did I just miss these? DD is one of my absolute favorites. I had to stop myself from bidding at one point on that cab of 03 but damn it was difficult.
  2. I'm so excited! This is the first competition I've participated in on FOH, AND the first Gigantes I've ever smoked! (and honestly only the 2nd cigar I've smoked from any of the possible Brands for this competition!) To start out this is a beautiful double corona, uniform color, no prominent stems, no noticeable stiff or squishy spots. What I would consider an above average constructed cigar. (I also tend to like the lighter wrappers so another + from me) I started out with a punch cut on this and the cold draw was a little tight, but showed sweet notes of apricot, nectarine skin, honey, and Demerara sugar. I ended up going over the punch with a V-cutter to see if that helped with the draw before lighting and it did a bit. Upon lighting I found that the draw was even tighter then the cold draw lead on and there was very little smoke production, the only note out of the gate was the apricot note from the cold draw and maybe a bit of light leather, or a chewy tannin quality that was very subtle. Again I will note that there was almost no smoke production and I would probably consider this plugged, but I decided to keep trying with it. The beginning was the worst as far as smoke production, as the cigar went on it became better and better. I also ended up turning the V into a weird 8 pointed star cut (4 times over with the V as I hadn't brought my normal cutter outside) and that was when the first ash fell, at about 1.5 inches. The first third was very complex and changing with rotating flavors of almond, apricot fruit leather, a snappy dry cedar quality, redwood bark, wild bitter herbs, brown sugar, under-ripe nectarine, cherry pit(mineral + fresh cherries?), and bitter apricot or apricot kernel. I would have to say that this cigar so far reminds me of a lighter style Amari and I love it. The second third had much much better smoke production. You wouldn't have guessed that it started plugged. Wood dominates, sweet smoke mingles with bitter wood, softly toasted spices, the cigar still has some of those stone fruit notes but it is much more herb and wood dominant. The final third starts like the second: herbs, sweet wood, bitter wood, wood spices like cinnimon and clove, sweet apricot comes in and out of the background. Then part of the way in, some florals(white flowers) make their way out, sweet cedar, clove, nutmeg and sour cherry show themselves. This sweetness seems to transform the bitter woody notes that have seemed to vanish into chestnut, pecan, walnut, incense, and Beef. The last few puffs continue with change, the sugar again fades to the background and burnt cinnamon, bitter tobacco, stale bread, and Maraschino (sour cherry liqueur), are the notes that I'm left with. I'm so happy I decided to do this review challenge. I don't think I've touched a single RA in my collection since 2015 and I'll happily be giving them another look after this. Final Notes: This review was done with a pairing of a Latte, glass of OJ, and bottle of water. The smoke started out mild, but finished Med+. Ever changing and engaging cigar, though construction was lacking a bit, though you couldn't tell from the outside. Plugged, had to relight once, had to fix channels twice, though even with all that I would still recommend. I hope you enjoyed reading my take on this cigar. All the best, WineAcrobat
  3. I Purchased this box to smoke while listening to the second half of the Don Quixote audiobook. (in case you don't know, half way is about 22 1/2 hours of read time) Here are my notes from tonight: Cold draw: Sweet leather Sweet bread Honey Toffee Tobacco Light: Good smoke production Vegital Barley cereal Ash 1/3: Sweet tobacco Dry earth (infertile soil) Salt Citrus and meat on retrohale Leather White pepper Leather Thin salty smoke, but good production Clove Chewy pipe tobacco (as close as I can describe the sweet leather/tobacco/bread quality) Not much change in the first 1/3 but reasonably complex Bitter caramel Over 1 1/4” ash before falling (fell on me) Soy sauce Bitterness on lips Outside of fignuton 2/3: (to dark for photos now) Subtle bitterness starts to develop in mouth Salty leather Great sweet smoke followed by the bitter salt quality Some subtle fruit quality coming out Fig? Very bitter lips Sweetness and bitterness increasing 3/3: Sweet, salted plum Bitter chocolate Still salty leather Really interesting cigar. It has so much sweet smoke that the intensely bitter/salty/savory aftertaste is balanced out. This really feels like it encompasses the feeling of the book, one crazy man and one fools misadventures through Spain. Tastes like leather strap, infertile land, and ocean air. (but in a good way?) also, how did y'all get me on Orange juice. this is so weird but I agree, works amazingly well with cigars. Thanks for reading!
  4. Did the cab these came in have both the old and the new seal? (like without and with bar code?)
  5. This is honestly such a wonderful story! It reminds me a bit of how one of my friends unknowingly drank like $30k+ in old bourbon when their grandfather passed, they enjoyed it a lot (and were surprised to) but had no idea of it's worth until they told me the story and I almost fell out of my chair years later. If you don't end up selling them I'm sure they will be a fun intro to the amazing world of cigars, and I'm sure plenty of folks on here would swap you other amazing things to be able to try one.
  6. What are the reasons? I guess i was saying I'm interested to know if it is fake or not, but I don't mind if it is because the cigars are still amazing either way.
  7. Wow~! You gave them each a cigar from here?! ? that is a mighty fine gift!
  8. Okey, for anyone interested. I just posted pics in the suspect cigar forum.
  9. I have to agree. A good Chinese or Taiwanese tea, or coffee have always been my favorite pairing. I need to try OJ now. Any chance you are from the states? I feel like a lot of times people forget how low quality most countries get. I'm sure supply chain is getting better to some places, but from other booze nerds in other countries I always hear about how difficult it is to get agave spirits when you aren't in the US or Mexico.
  10. These photos were also taken on different days. The photos of the old one I just took for this post and the photos of the new one I took a few days ago when I got the cigars.
  11. Okey, I want to preface this with the fact that I don't really care if people think this is fake or not, because at least my 1st box I would put in my top 5 cigars I've had (and though I'm young, I'm not new). I would however love to hear people's ideas as to if this is real, and if so how they think it could come about. These are two boxes of Edmundo Dantes Conde 54 that I got from someone about a year apart, neither have a box number (as in the #/1000 piece that is on the interior of the lid) and both of them don't show up as the correct cigar in the database. the original box says that it is a box of Hoyo epi no.2 and the new box says RyJ Mille Fleurs. The old box has a slight green quality to the wrapper that threw me off until I smoked the first one. The new box threw me again since the new box is as dark or darker then a cohiba maduro so I figured I'd post some photos on here. I haven't had one of the new ones yet as they are resting. I'll probably try one in the coming week and report back. I will also add that both have amazing construction and perfect color matching. Note that the photo of the full new box is not in the original order as I pulled up all the cigars to check if the ones on the bottom were also as dark. They are all extremely close in shade. Ok, with all that out of the way, here are the photos: Old box: New Box: Thanks so much for reading and letting me know what your thoughts are on these!
  12. Hey everyone! I was wondering if any of you have had any experience with bar codes being wrong for regional releases? Like the Authenticity check shows up as some other radome other thing but everything else about the cigars and the box is normal. Best, Inquiring mind

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